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scatter (radiation) by the atoms of the medium through which it passes

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The backscatter communication part includes the RF front-end block for detecting the Wi-Fi packet power envelope and backscattering the Wi-Fi signal and the digital baseband block for decoding/encoding the data and controlling the system.
Rao, "Theory and measurement of backscattering from RFID tags," IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, vol.
The backscattering coefficient [sigma] (dB) maybe calculated from DN as follows [28]:
Backscattering Coefficient and Volumetric Water Content.
Fung presents students, academics, and researchers with an investigation of surface backscattering mechanisms, trends, and comparisons with measurements.
Keywords: nanowire; backscattering coefficient; ballistic nanowire; nonballistic InAs nanowire.
2] [11], (p, q = H, V), the polarimetric backscattering matrix can be corrected using
Those bright white regions on front slopes are with extremely high backscattering intensity caused by small local incidence angle or foreshortening and layover.
Furthermore, acoustic sampling alone is often insufficient to differentiate between species if multiple species are aggregated or have similar frequency-response or backscattering characteristics.
The graphical representation of all the surface backscattering components is shown in Figure 3.
All processes that involve liquid dispersions (suspensions, emulsions, and foams) can be monitored through the light transmission for clear products and backscattering for turbid to opaque products.
Simulating the sun by shining laser light on lunar soil samples, these researchers found that a mechanism called coherent backscattering accounts for the brightening.
As can be seen by the arrow, electrons belonging in the upper TOF arm could appear in the lower arm by backscattering off the electron detector before the total energy is deposited.
Low uncertainty measurements on pure element stable isotope pairs demonstrate that mass has no influence on the backscattering of electrons at typical electron microprobe energies.