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The cook backed away, a fiendish expression on his face, the knife held before him in a position of defence.
The village witch-doctor saw something in those eyes of hers which boded no good to him, and backed away.
Twice his teeth clipped together, like the steel jaws of a trap, as he backed away for better footing, with lean and lifting lips that writhed and snarled.
She backed away a little, and with a trembling laugh:
The little man backed away and came down again with enormous energy, but at the end of each manoeuvre his dory swung round and snubbed herself on her rope.
Snagsby, somewhat promptly backed away, "I was at this door last night betwixt ten and eleven o'clock in conversation with the young man who lodges here.
Instead of firing, I piled some more wood upon the fire, and as the smoke and blaze arose in the beast's face, it backed away, growling most frightfully; but I still could see two ugly points of light blazing in the outer darkness and hear its growls rumbling terrifically without.
He backed away from her and began writhing and twisting playfully, curvetting and prancing, half rearing and striking his fore paws to the earth, struggling with all his body, from the wheedling eyes and flattening ears to the wagging tail, to express the thought that was in him and that was denied him utterance.
Judge Witberg backed away in alarm before the menacing fists of the other.
Smith was fairly on the floor he jerked himself free and backed away.
He backed away growling, but I caught him round the neck, roughed what little wind he had out of him, and left him doubled up with the two fives in his pocket.
Judy stood up for the men and women of this state, and she never backed away from a challenge," said John T.
ZURICH (Reuters) - Zurich Insurance has backed away from deal talks in emerging markets as prices heat up, the insurer's chairman said in a newspaper interview.
Spencer Garfield, managing director for HRC, noted, "While many conventional lenders have backed away from financing for-sale housing in general, HRC evaluates each opportunity on its own merits.
At the end, they all backed away and forced him across the finish line,'' said Melissa Schwagerl, a spokeswoman for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, who followed on her bicycle.