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the side of an object that is opposite its front

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This design win underscores the broad applications that can be enhanced through switched back-end architectures.
In back-end storage systems where there can be over a hundred drives communicating with a single controller, QoS mechanisms can allow each drive access to the controller; but since the controller scatters its requests among the drives in what could be a relatively non-deterministic manner, performance could be severely affected.
Customers (B2C), suppliers (B2B), or employees (B2E) use their version of the portal as an entry point to access multiple information repositories on the back-end.
With applications and data housed on robust back-end servers and simpler, cheaper, faster devices in the hands and on the desktops of end-users, the prospect of pervasive computing can become a reality for all businesses.
austriamicrosystems has purchased one AXi Series tool, a cleanroom compatible, high-resolution macro defect inspection system for front-end processes, and one NSX Series tool, which is designed to handle macro defect inspection of wafers and thin wafers on film frames in back-end processes.
Chris Bennett: Well, I think it's pretty clear that as the value of switched architectures at the back-end scales, the value gets increasingly big--the bigger the systems get.
Focusing on developing SMT solutions that work on higher accuracy levels instead of higher placement speeds would drive their services towards back-end semiconductor package manufacturers.
I now would like to know how does this back-end switched architecture impact costs for the better for the storage service supplier?
In order to set the stage to illustrate the benefits of adding a back-end switch to a storage server, we will first discuss design issues of conventional storage servers.
You can then graphically map selected BAPI methods and parameters to Saratoga CRM's logical tables and fields, then model the mapped data into a real-time application flow to deliver enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM), supply chain management (SCM), and other back-end data in the right format when and where it's needed.
Each terminal combines a contact/contactless smart card reader for reading ID cards, a 500 dpi fingerprint sensor for instant matching to a biometric template, and a large color digital touch screen display for displaying data decoded from ID cards or retrieved from back-end databases.
Combining our two companies represents a major milestone for the semiconductor back-end consumable industry.
Family Room Entertainment does not anticipate any back-end profit participation or additional revenues in connection with the motion picture projects "EDISON" or "16 BLOCKS.
With Apresta, Motorola Q users can now gain seamless, real-time access to data from any back-end enterprise database system, including CRM, ERP, financials, and more.