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Antonyms for waxing

the application of wax to a surface

a gradual increase in magnitude or extent

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(of the moon) pertaining to the period during which the visible surface of the moon increases


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THERE are certain places you wouldn't expect to see me, such as a back waxing clinic, an old people's home or a cat rescue centre (allergic to the furry little critters).
The St Patrick's Day Disco at Leam Lane Social Club, in Gateshead, will see four daring lads succumb to chest, leg and back waxing sessions to help raise money for the worthy charity.
She said: "We get men in here for all sorts of things, from haircuts to back waxing, but I haven't noticed any increase in demand.
For the men, there's four massages and a facial to choose from, plus chest and back waxing.