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a swimming stroke that resembles the crawl except the swimmer lies on his or her back

swim on one's back

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Spend some time paying attention to your back stroke. Tighten and improve the loop.
Alice achieved impressive personal best times in the 100m butterfly, 200m butterfly, 200m back stroke and competed well in the 100m back stroke.
In swimming's 25 meter back stroke under-16, Dina Hannawi, finished first, Zeina Al-Fanek followed next ahead of Lama khouri.The team made up by Lana Khouri, Dina Al-Fanek, Dina Hannawi, and Zein Al-Fanek won third place in the 25 x 4 free style swimming race.
D.B.: Doing the front stroke, back stroke, dog paddle ...
During the back stroke the air/fuel mixture is forced into the front of the piston.
And he didn't disappoint, pulling back stroke after stroke until he finished the day just one off the lead - a situation he built on by going top of the pile the following day.
A combination of three technologies -- high-quality stainless-steel soleplate, a shotpeening process (laser treatment) to compress and harden the surface, and an ultra-thin coating -- has been used to create what the company called "exceptional glide and scratch resistance." The soleplate has also been designed in a teardrop shape, intended to provide equal ironing performance in all directions and prevent the snags caused by pointed edges that tend to happen on the back stroke.
We did try using the swimming pool once but the horse tried to do the back stroke so we abandoned that!
Martha was canny enough to realise that Willie would prove a better player than Edward 'because his back stroke is sounder and he always plays with a straight bat'.
This level requires the camper to demonstrate the forward stroke, inside and outside pivot turns, the compound back stroke, the ability to stop and start the canoe or kayak, and the ability to combine strokes to create fluid motion.
He surfaces with a neck like a giant fur buoy and falls into a back stroke to the other side, pauses, and dives back along the bottom with bubbles trailing by his whiskers.
Reduce the pressure or lift file from the metal surface on the back stroke. When filing long surfaces, the file should be pushed forward and sideward to get even, smooth edges without grooves.
A good deal of emphasis is also placed on the elementary back stroke -- a very restful stroke that is especially useful in situations where survival is at stake.
In the 200m back stroke Abid of Sindh won gold medal, followed by Hamza Khaliq of Sindh and Fahad of KP, in the 4X100m free style relay Punjab won first position, followed by Sindh and KP.
Pamintuan, who bagged six golds in the girls high school division of the 2017 national Palaro held in San Jose, Antique, had close wins in the girls 19-year-old-and-over 200-meter freestyle (2:11.35) and 50-meter freestyle (28.30) but easily won the 100-meter back stroke event (1:07.08) to emerge as the most bemedalled athlete after two days of action in the competition.