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Synonyms for Bach

German baroque organist and contrapuntist

the music of Bach

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lead a bachelor's existence


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Ulrich Leisinger's 'Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach und die musikalische Deklamation' introduces a sequence of six essays on various aspects of Bach's vocal music.
By the turn of the seventeenth century, the Bachs had risen from the positions of Spielmann (musician or jester) and town trumpeters to the principal music positions in the area.
Addressing what has become the seemingly unavoidable question of choir size in Bach, Koopman writes,
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach belongs among the few musicians who left a mark in the history of music well beyond his contributions as a famous virtuoso and a distinguished composer.
Jahrhunderts, wobei hier die zentrale Person ganz allgemein fur die "Alte Musik", aber auch fur Bach (analog zu Nageli) in Zurich, der noch junge Paul Sacher ist der 1926 das Basler Kammerorchester grundete, und in der Folge die Schola Cantorum Basiliensis unter der Leitung von August Wenzinger, einem weiteren, das Musikleben in Basel pragender Musiker und Dirigent.
Durr, Studien uber die fruhen Kantaten Johann Sebastian Bachs (2/Wiesbaden, 1977), pp.
Because Bach wrote fewer "orchestral" pieces, the first book has more room for chapters that provide contextual historical information that is pertinent to more than one piece or body of pieces, such as the (unnumbered) chapters on the Hofkapellen in Weimar and Kothen (1:19-34) and Leipzig's Collegium Musicum (1:35-46), and problems of transmission and the dating of Bach's music (1:47-71), as well as chapters on specific instruments: violins (1:224-37), oboes (1:278-85), and strung keyboard instruments (1:325-45).
Dirst frames the chapter within the broad context of the study of compositional influence and closely engages the issues related to this topic through the study of the perceived influence of Bach on Mozart.
Gathering all these materials is possible for only a small number of Bach cantatas.
To the dilemma in Bach scholarship, Kerman observes that "all Bach scholars .
Bach and Musical Culture in the Late 18th Century, held in February 1999 at Cornell University.
For instance, a degree of uncertainty over the number of compositions written by Bach stems from the discrepancy between the music found in extant sources and the compositions listed in Bach's obituary written by his son Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and student Johann Friedrich Agricola.
The logic for beginning with the 1st Sunday after Trinity is that Bach began his tenure as Thomaskantor in Leipzig on this Sunday, 30 May 1723.
An Introduction to Bach Studies, edited by Daniel Melamed and Michael Marissen, is one of the most useful reference books on Johann Sebastian Bach to have appeared recently.
After Walter Blankenburg's popular yet by now somewhat outdated survey (Einfuhrung in Bachs h-moll-Messe [Kassel: Barenreiter, 1950; 3rd rev.