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LCDR Geoff Christmas holds a bachelor of political science from Providence College and a MBA from the University of Phoenix.
Born in Colombia, Sanchez graduated from the University of Houston-Downtown with a Bachelor of Political Science. Sanchez has received United States Congressional recognition, in addition to being showcased by the Texas Legislature and the City of Houston.
The interns of the Jean-Charles-Bonenfant Foundation for 2007-2008 are Julien Domingue, Bachelor of Applied Political Studies, Nicolas Fontaine, Bachelor of Biology, Mathieu Fraser, holder of a Master's Degree in History, Alexandre Pare, Bachelor of Political Science, and Alexandre Regimbal, Bachelor of Law.
She earned a bachelor of political science degree from Stanford University.
The Foundation scholarship holders for 2005-2006 are Sia Sia Morel, Bachelor of Political Science, Magali Paquin, holder of a multidisciplinary Bachelor's degree, Michel Bedard, Bachelor of Civil Law, Lorraine Quevillon, Bachelor of Social Service, and Sarah Tessier, Bachelor of Industrial Relations, the latter three being enrolled in the Master's programme in their respective disciplines.
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