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Prior Bacchus portfolio companies are Andretti Winery, Cameron Hughes Wine, and Qupe.
Both Bacchus and Coles are sometimes Gently's petulant surrogate children," says Martin, "and sometimes they are his indispensable colleagues.
CHANGE OF PACE Bacchus, played by Lee Ingleby, Inspector George Gently, alias Martin Shaw, and Cora Davidson played by Jill Halfpenny.
Martin Shaw as George Gently, and below, his sidekick John Bacchus played by Lee Ingleby
This additional investment in Bacchus represents significant oil production for the company in 2011," said William L.
Bacchus comes with four or six drops and a nozzle with cast-in heater and removable point-gate or through-hole tip.
Westinghouse and Bacchus Imports crystallized the governing principles in this area, affirming the core holding of Boston Stock Exchange, and answering some remaining questions.
The Healey case in Connecticut case and the Bacchus case in Hawaii were mentioned.
In the hectic Prologue the opera-stars appear childish and petulant, the troupe of strolling players with whom they collide meanwhile going seriously and responsibly about their business; in the actual presentation of the commissioned opera, it is the comedians who clown around, threatening to disrupt the earnestness of the classic tale of the abandoned Ariadne and her eventual rescue by Bacchus.
Guido Reni's lost painting of the wedding of Bacchus and Ariadne was commissioned by Cardinal Francesco Barberini for Henrietta Maria's collection at the Queen's House, Greenwich in 1637.
Bacchus (or Dionysus in Greek mythology) was the god of wine, said to have been born of a union between Zeus and the human, Semele and raised on Mount Nysa in the company of nymphs and satyrs.
In an attempt to create a more standardized alternative, the Bacchus consortium has been started by 14 public and private bodies from four wine-producing countries: Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.
The Bacchus Fino(TM) System is a proprietary minimally invasive device designed to remove blood clots from peripheral veins.
Fergal Lynch stole the riding show with a 454-1 treble on Bacchus, Sikasso and Lucky Judge.
If there had been circuit parties in ancient Greece, Jeffrey Sanker would have given Bacchus a run for his money.