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the work of a baby sitter

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Delfina Bautista, 30, of the 500 block of Heritage Drive in Hoffman Estates, was charged with this week with aggravated battery of a child with great bodily harm after the girl was brought to the hospital Sunday afternoon "because she was lethargic after being in the care of a baby sitter," Hoffman Estates police said.
When planning to take your baby sitter on vacation with you, it is essential to establish shared expectations before departure.
The baby sitter called Brandon's mother, who instructed him to immediately unload the .
Jamie Lee Curtis is the unfortunate baby sitter who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
There comes a time when every parent needs to hire a baby sitter.
My awareness of child care was, you picked up the baby sitter, you took the baby sitter home and sometimes you couldn't get a baby sitter.
The Baby sitters Academy is a certified baby sitter program for young adults ages 111/2 to 16.
It (used to be) a lot more laid back," says Gina Moore, 33, a Eugene mother of two whose daughter, Ariah, is in training to become a baby sitter.
DROP-IN DAY CARE: It's a working parent's greatest dilemma: Your baby sitter is sick, your kid's preschool is closed and your neighbor is at work, where you are due in less than an hour.
SARASOTA: A man who concocted a drink from 'psychedelic flowers' was charged with negligence after a baby sitter unwittingly served the drink to his two young sons.
Baby sitter trainees learned about a variety of topics including how to care for infants and children, be good role models, interview for jobs, solve problems and handle emergencies.
Ariah Moore, 11, can't wait to become a baby sitter.
I'd park them in front of the best baby sitter, the TV, and compare the kiddy notes of the day with a telephone friend while cooking dinner all at the same time.
Under Oregon law, a baby sitter is exempt as long as he or she is working either in the home of the child or the home of the sitter.
The complaint alleges that when a baby sitter threatened to expose him, Adams told his father, James W.