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a member of the baby boom generation in the 1950s

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It has become conventional wisdom that the social security system, as currently constructed, will not be fully viable after the baby boom generation starts to retire.
The emergence of the 1970s consciousness reformation in the United States, which featured the rise of such Asian-inspired "cults" as the Unification Church and the Hare Krishnas, typically has been attributed to the willingness of young adults in the baby boom generation to challenge Western materialism, individualism, and rationalism.
The eldest members of the baby boom generation are now 47 years old.
According to Michael Boskin, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, this transfer of resources was "capable of producing a major drop in the national savings rate." More recently, Social Security was partially funded and is building a trust fund to help pay for the retirement of the baby boom generation.
As the United States population ages, employers face the possibility of a sustained retirement of the baby boom generation and a loss of their most experienced and knowledgeable employees.
"The Healthy Woman line of products is an important option for women of the baby boom generation who are looking to take charge of their lives, have a high interest in taking proactive health measures and prefer natural products," comments Personal Products vice president of marketing Noreen Verbrugge.
There are many obvious factors, including the aging of the baby boom generation, the increasingly wide-spread and profitable participation by middle-class Americans in mutual fund investing, and the evermore dire reports by Social Security's own trustees about the program's dismal future.
That's when the 76 million-strong baby boom generation begins to retire and sign up for benefits in the big entitlement programs that now drive the federal budget: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and civil service and military retirement.
As the baby boom generation reaches middle age, the number of people with diet-related health conditions will grow rapidly.
And, I might add, the rapid aging of the post-war baby boom generation will reinforce these trends.
Women of the baby boom generation have much higher levels of education than their mothers and grandmothers.
"The aging of the baby boom generation, those people born from 1946 to 1964, will require more pharmaceutical and health care products than ever before, with increased need for our core pharmacy departments and the high level of service we provide," he says.
CDR Roundup--Artificial tears are big-sellers in the otherwise sluggish eyedrop category, suggesting that the incidence of "dry eye" is growing with the aging of the baby boom generation.
Cigar marketers are eyeing the aging baby boom generation as a source of new sales.
'The baby boom generation grew up during a period of significant cultural change, including a surge in popularity of marijuana in the 1960s and 1970s.