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extension upward of the toes when the sole of the foot is stroked firmly on the outer side from the heel to the front

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By means of magnets, Babinski said, he had caused one hemi-anaesthetic patient, A, to take up the half sensibility of another hemi-anaesthetic patient, B, making A fully sensible and B fully anaesthetic.
El paciente fue dado de alta, conciente, orientado en las tres esferas, hemiparetico izquierdo con hiperreflexia y Babinski izquierdos, sin mejoria de su deficit neurologico.
Babinski are two entirely different books bearing the same title and on the same general topic.
Babinski sued IBM, contending that the EAP counselor was not licensed when she rendered services to his son and that, consequently, IBM was liable for the tort of negligent hiring.
Thi denial (Babinski's Syndrome) was first thought to pertain only to denial of physical movement or visual sensation (Babinski, 1918, Nathanson, Bergman & Gordon, 1952), but the concept of anosognosia was later extended to neglect of left-sided complex sensorimotor praxia (Hecaen, Penfield, Bertland, & Malmo, 1956) and to unawareness of disabilities and of other stressful experiences (Weinstein & Kahn, 1955).
A neurologic examination revealed marked cerebellar ataxia and bilateral positive Babinski signs, which had been documented on previous examinations.
The tendon reflexes were increased in both legs and positive Babinski's sign was observed on both sides.
Although the present patient met most of the criteria laid down by Tashiro et al., he also had excessive sweating of both palms (suggestive of autonomic dysfunction) and hypertonia of lower limbs with exaggeration of deep tendon reflexes with positive Babinski's sign (suggestive of UMN lesion).
The deep tendon reflexes were +++/4 and there was bilateral Babinski sign.
She is survived by her son Mark Ferguson of Holden, daughter Doreen and son-inA1/4law, (Stephen) of Albany, NY sister Anna Babinski (Chester) of Worcester, brother Joseph Weber (Joyce) of West Palm Beach, FL., and many adoring nephews and nieces.
Agradezco su interesante aporte a mi articulo "Babinsky o Babinski" (1) de la seccion Lapsus Medicus y tras analizar las referencias proporcionadas y otras fuentes, comparto la importancia de usar el antroponimo original, ya que se acerca mas a la verdad y el no hacerlo podria resultar ofensivo para los hablantes del idioma polaco, tal como lo seria para los hispanoparlantes ver que se omiten las tildes o las enes en la grafia de los nombres propios del espanol.
Hyper-reactive symmetrical reflexes were seen and he had a Babinski on the left and a dubious Babinski on the right.