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(Genesis 11:1-11) a tower built by Noah's descendants (probably in Babylon) who intended it to reach up to heaven

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He said that Babel Tower thought of adopting the technology as a way to help meet local demand for water for agriculture purposes.
Babel Tower thought of adopting the technology as a way to help meet local demand for water for agriculture purposes, he said, adding that by implementing major irrigation projects and large-scale mechanization, Saudi Arabia has progressed in developing agriculture.
In Babel Tower and A Whistling Woman Byatt also addresses the nature of fictional narrative through structure.
Chapter 4, "Two cultures: Babel Tower and A Whistling Woman", covers the second half of Byatt's Quartet novels, and is especially interested in the breakdown and fragmentation of language in the 1960s and 1970s, and the impact of narratives of science on literary creation.
In the first four novels of the Potter series, Byatt engages language with art, giving actual ekphrases of numerous Van Gogh paintings in Still Life (1985) and notional descriptions of imaginary works in Babel Tower.
The convergence of the arts presents challenges in Babel Tower.
Here is Frederica, in Babel Tower, the obsessively verbal woman making love: You might think, she thinks, as their bodies join, that there are two beings striving to lose themselves in each other, to become one.
Babel Tower and A Whistling Woman are full of sharp observations about the British 1960s (happenings, cults, the rise of television, the antipsychiatry movement), which Frederica (like Byatt) dislikes for celebrating mindless merging over clarity and precision.
Babel Tower, yazarin iletisim kopulugundan soz eden "Babil Kulesi Efsanesi" nden esinlenerek yazdigi bir eserdir.
Recently, she provided us with her latest novel, Babel Tower, the third work in a planned quintet of novels set in various decades around the middle of our anxious century.
In Babel Tower, we follow the severe personal and legal challenges besetting Frederica, an intelligent, independent-minded woman emerging from a shattered marriage.
When God's Spirit was upon the people on the day of Pentecost, God confronted their broken hearts and "the wild wind of God breaks down the Babel tower and all the divisions it produced within us, among us and around us.
Repent of the mammon of greed, of "our secret desire for the Babel tower," she urged.
Taking up Frederica's story six years after the conclusion of Still Life, Babel Tower is set in the sixties.
These young, slim, stately things a thousand houses high (or so it seemed to me, coming from an architecture that had never defied the earth), a tower of Babel each one, not one tower of Babel but many, a city of Babel towers, casually, easily strewn end up against the skies--they stood at the brink, close-crowded, the brink of America, these Giantesses, these Fates, which were not built for a king nor a ghost nor any man's religion, but were materialized by those hard, cold, magic words--opportunity, enterprise, prosperity, success--just business words out of world-wide commerce from a land rich in natural resource.