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Synonyms for babbler

an obnoxious and foolish and loquacious talker

any of various insectivorous Old World birds with a loud incessant song

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The same call lost some of its power to fool the babblers on the third iteration, the researchers found.
It was inspiring to hear him speak to us about leadership and his experience as a Toastmasters,” says Nancy Merrill, Bridgestone Babblers Club President.
WORLD OF MADAGASCAR: WACKY BABBLERS Kids can control the action by giving these Madagascar characters a shake to hear wacky phrases and laughs
In Israel, Arabian babblers in danger of being attacked will sometimes join other birds and harass their predator.
The acacia savannah at the Al Hafiya Protected Area has been home to a number of characteristically Middle Eastern breeding bird species present within the Ramsar site, including yellow-throated sparrows, blue cheeked bee-eaters, Arabian babblers and striated Scops owls.
The "brightly" blazing tropical vegetation and the screams of the Indian blue jays, Asian babblers, and cuckoo birds perched on perfumed acacia bushes block this exile's memory of all those English wildflowers and birds on whose names and shapes Browning had so lovingly lingered.
Having said that, I do realize that the anti-Palestinian trend among many Egyptian babblers and loquacious talkers has more to do with the charged domestic scene in Egypt itself than with any objective facts about Hamas.
Such a smorgasbord is bound to generate some conflict, especially with libertarian counter-protesters and Bible babblers present.
It's a commonplace among these babblers that debt is always repaid --if not by the borrower, then by the lender.
Cautiously avoiding center stage, Althoff, often in a self-abnegating fashion, slips into unbecoming roles--morons, drunks, babblers.
He was one of nine finalists taking part in the battle of the babblers at the Gala Club in Kingsbury Road, Birmingham, last Sunday.
Data is collected on birds including babblers, thrushes, warblers, sunbirds, doves, flycatchers, waxbills and broadbills.
Babblers are named for their babbling, trillers for their trilling, whistlers for their whistling, screamers for their screaming and chats for their chattering.
for birds: pigeons, cuckoos, hornbills, bulbuls, babblers, flycatchers, spiderhunters, and flowerpeckers; for mammals: treeshrews, monkeys, squirrels, and civets) with some exceptions (e.
These babblers have so actively exerted themselves," John Calvin complained, "that they have already drawn thousands into their insanity.