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Synonyms for babbler

an obnoxious and foolish and loquacious talker

any of various insectivorous Old World birds with a loud incessant song

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Sheldon, 2016, Foraging ecology and occurrence of 7 sympatrie babbler species (Timaliidae) in the lowland rainforest of Borneo and peninsular Malaysia.
Israeli biologist Amotz Zahavi, during his time studying desert babblers in his homeland realized that these birds showed a behavior which he called sentinel.
Mimicked alarm calls of the babblers or of another bird distracted the babblers for longer than plain drongo alarms.
Olsen got her initial break byway of Will Oldham, whom she met through his longtime collaborator Emmett Kelly, and got her feet wet touring with his short-lived backing band, The Babblers, and singing back-up on his 2011 album, Wolfroy Goes to Town.
Therefore it is possible that this land use change will favour species such as House Sparrow, Babblers (Turdoides spp.
Variable Mating Strategies and Incest Avoidance in Cooperatively Breeding Grey-crowned Babblers.
The Shilonda Trail at Sanjay Gandhi National Park in east Borivali is one the best natural habitats in which to observe woodland species like babblers, cuckoos and the copper-smith as well as multiple trees like teak, mango and bamboo.
Having said that, I do realize that the anti-Palestinian trend among many Egyptian babblers and loquacious talkers has more to do with the charged domestic scene in Egypt itself than with any objective facts about Hamas.
The acacia savannah at the Al Hafiya Protected Area has been home to a number of characteristically Middle Eastern breeding bird species present within the Ramsar site, including yellow-throated sparrows, blue cheeked bee-eaters, Arabian babblers and striated Scops owls.
The "brightly" blazing tropical vegetation and the screams of the Indian blue jays, Asian babblers, and cuckoo birds perched on perfumed acacia bushes block this exile's memory of all those English wildflowers and birds on whose names and shapes Browning had so lovingly lingered.
In Israel, Arabian babblers in danger of being attacked will sometimes join other birds and harass their predator.
com)-- John Lau, President of Toastmasters International, visits Toastmasters International Bridgestone Babblers Club's weekly meeting.
The various nationalities, or rather the intriguing politicians and coffee house babblers joined with fanatical and power-hungry nationalists such as Masaryk and Benes, plotted to secede from the endangered Empire.
The notion of private property is but a tiny fragment of that intricate hierarchy of Creation, which the greedy villains and irresponsible babblers from Marx to Marcuse finally managed to set on its ear in the 20th century.
Black-capped bulbul, white-bellied sea eagle, tawny-bellied babblers, dark-fronted babblers and kingfishers were just some of the birds we spotted.