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Synonyms for babbitt

an alloy of tin with some copper and antimony

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line with a Babbitt metal

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At first, Neil sees his joining the black community as a way to authenticate his identity, to move beyond, as Delton argues, the banal Babbittry of whiteness.
The local Congressman is an embodiment of this narcissistic style, and of the sort of Babbittry that accompanies it.
The novel's scathing indictment of middle-class American values made Babbittry a synonym for adherence to a conformist, materialistic, anti-intellectual way of life.
Faced with this Babbittry, however, the Senate decided to override the usual procedure and pass a law that in effect micromanages Interior by legislative fiat, including a moratorium on the fees.
A foreign policy of globalized Babbittry cannot sustain itself because, quaint as this may sound, the core human values do matter to Americans, especially in foreign affairs.