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inflammation of the head of the penis

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The group developed to type Bxo the following day and was seen on Nov 20 unchanged.
AR1046 N24[degrees]/185[degrees] rounded the eastern limb on Feb 7 type Bxo. The group developed to type Csi on Feb 10 and to type Dao by the next day, consisting of several penumbral sunspots in the follower part of the group, giving a total area of approximately 140 millionths.
AR1056 N18[degrees]/064[degrees] appeared on Mar 17 type Bxo. The group remained small until Mar 21 when it developed to type Csi but then declined again and was not seen after Mar 23.
AR1075 S20[degrees]/229[degrees] type Bxo also appeared on May 29 and was last seen on the following day.
The group was last seen near the western limb on July 20 type Bxo consisting of 4 small spots.
The group was classed as type Bxo containing 3 small spots close to the SE limb.
The group declined to type Bxo on Jan 2 and was not seen on Jan 6.
AR1167 N09[degrees]/127[degrees] appeared on the disk on Mar 3 type Bxo. The group remained largely unchanged until it faded on the disk on Mar 9.
The group was type Bxo on Apr 23/24 and reduced to a single Axx spot on Apr 25/26 before fading on the disk.
AR1246 N14[degrees]/327[degrees] formed on the disk on July 8 type Bxo in the NW quadrant to the east of AR1243.
AR1266 N18[degrees]/245[degrees] was observed on Aug 4 in the NE quadrant, type Bxo consisting of 3 small sunspots.
AR1390 N09/116[degrees] appeared on the disk in the NE quadrant on Dec 29 type Bxo and was still on the disk at the end of the month.
The group was seen on Mar 4 type Bxo consisting of just two small sunspots without penumbra.
AR1450 N16[degrees]/323[degrees] formed on the disk in the NE quadrant on Apr 1 type Bxo. The group developed to type Csi on Apr 2 and then into a small Eao group on Apr 4 having just passed the CM.
The group was declining on Sept 21 and was type Bxo. The group was not seen on Sept 22 and had dissolved on the disk nearing the SW limb.