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the use of bacteria or viruses or toxins to destroy men and animals or food

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Despite reductions in metabolic cost, it has also been shown that equivalent maximal and sub-maximal oxygen consumption rates (V[O.sub.2]) can be achieved while running on LBPP treadmills by increasing treadmill velocity to offset the reduction in oxygen consumption associated with running with BWS (Gojanovic et al., 2012; Kline et al., 2015; Raffalt et al., 2013).
While these studies provide valuable insight into the metabolic demands of using the LBPP treadmill among recreational athletes, it is not well documented how these findings might apply to the effect of BWS among highly trained runners at the running speeds that they use, which are considerably faster than those of recreational runners.
Finally, participants were fitted to the appropriate size ZeroG harness and were given the opportunity to practice walking at all of the various levels of BWS (0/20/40/60/80%); the ZeroG BWS system has been described in detail previously [8].
The EMGworks Acquisition software program (Delsys EMGworks 4.0) was used to collect muscle activity data from the randomized BWS trials.
From his new base in Dubai, Jonker will continue to service his European clientele and their global construction portfolio, with BWS COO Hans Liem taking over from him as chief executive officer of IRS.
Wedi croesi Bont Borth, penderfynais ddod oddi ar y bws a holais y gyrrwr a gawn i fws i Langefni yn gynt o Borthaethwy.
Os ydych eisiau amserlen bws, rhaid i chi fynd i''r Llyfrgell a thalu deg ceiniog am gopi o un dudalen.
The SDs in age at the sixth, seventh, and final BW were greater than the other measurements as the timing of these final BWs were based upon each pig achieving its target BW.
The BWs and ADGs at 84, 102, 120, 138 and 156 d of age were affected (p < 0.01) by sire line, sex and diet.
"First Bahrain previously held a business relationship with BWS Middle East, and through our strong relationship we are confident in their appointment as our cost consultants," said First Bahrain general manager Amin Al Arrayed.
Fi oedd yr unig fore-godwr y bore Iau hwnnw er fod Donald wedi hen arfer cael bws llawn yn gadael Aberystwyth am fynyddoedd Pentir Plynlimon.
Under the BWS umbrella, says Kenneth Maw, the group's president and chief executive officer and the man who has successfully steered Insure Direct since its launch in 2000, it is his aim to build relationships to benefit the group as a whole through the operations in Dubai and by leveraging the huge marine insurance sector through the Rotterdam base.