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a nuclear reactor that uses water as a coolant and moderator

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The four companies include some of the world's top manufacturers with manufacturing and engineering capabilities relating to the BWR business, and electric power companies with many years of knowledge and experience in operating and maintaining nuclear power plants.
44 Aguiyi lronsi Way, Maitama, Abuja, within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court, did commit an offence to wit: without lawful authority or licence, you had in your possession one(l) Gloek Pistol with Serial Number KML 275, one (1) Mini refile with Serial Number 54976 and One(l) AK 47 with Serial Number 5622620063, which weapons were concealed in your Mercedes Benz 550 4Matic car with Registration No: BWR 135 AH and you thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 3 of the Firearms Act Cap F28, Laws of Federation of Nigeria 2004 and punishable under section 27(1)(a)(1) of the same Act'.
BWR has successfully evolved over three decades, demonstrating a commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences with a renewed focus each year to offer easily redeemable and tremendously valuable benefits.
In practice, the most commonly used indicator to study BWR stability due to wave oscillation is the decay ratio (DR), which is computed from the impulse response function obtained from a model fitting a linear second order system, accommodating the core behavior of a BWR.
This hub provides focus and coordination to BWR research, ensuring that Wales and the UK develop real expertise in BWR technology for now, and for the future.
Tata Steel said as part of review by Brickwork Ratings, the agency on October 27, 2016 revised Tata Steel Ltd's credit rating to BWR AA from BWR AA+ for NCD and BWR AA- from BWR AA for the perpetual debt, with a negative outlook.
In addition, AREVA, a French company, has accumulated robust decommissioning experiences not only in the Europe but also in the United States, including BWR reactors.
"Actress Katie Holmes has left her publicist at Slate PR and has signed with BWR Public Relations.
(1) Sixty-nine of the 104 are pressurized water reactors (PWR) and the 35 remaining are boiling water reactors (BWR).
The Siemens scope of services for the BWR Unit 1 will encompass the supply and installation of six low-pressure turbines including extraction lines.
Breakwater Resources Limited (Breakwater) (TSX: BWR)(TSX: BWR.WT.A), a mining, exploration and development company, has signed royalty agreements with Red Mile Resources No.
A spokesperson for American Idol's public relations firm, BWR Public Relations, said that the fundraising will continue and declined to release the amount raised.
MHI President Hideaki Omiya said, ''Introducing Areva's boiling water reactor fuel technology, the joint business formation will be supplying fuel for both domestic BWR nuclear power plants and the PWR plants.''
After reading your article, my recollections led me to suggest that the Departments of Energy and Defense jointly support the building of two nuclear submarines utilizing passive systems, one with PWR and the other BWR technology.