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responding to or operating at a wide band of frequencies


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The guest speaker, Minister of Education and Skills Development, Dr Unity Dow praised BWA for rendering voluntary services to the communities of Botswana, more so that the spirit of voluntarism and self-help had been in a huge decrease in recent years.
BWA has partnered with clients across five continents, including the World Health Organization, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR/HHS), the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and state, county and city health departments in 20 states, as well as numerous NGOs throughout the world.
Abdulla Janahi, Seera's chief executive officer, commented: "Seera's interest in BWA was driven by our investment strategy to invest in companies with strong fundamentals, a strong management team, being in an industry which is not highly cyclical, and to have intrinsic capability for organic growth rather than significant dependency on add-on acquisitions.
With the BWA, the operators can offer mobile broadband services that can facilitate highspeed wireless transmission of data.
The revenue from the sale of spectrum for both 3G and BWA would be over Rs 1.
Third, the BWA Human Rights Commission published in 1997 a 35-page booklet titled Baptists and Human Rights written by James E.
German Baptist Erich Geldbach recounts emphases on peace, war, and nationalism in the 1930s, a time of anxiety in which BWA efforts on behalf of religious liberty were unproductive and many German Baptists, beguiled by Hitler's overtures, were blinded by nationalistic loyalties that masked great evils.
4G technologies are not covered in detail but it is likely that many innovations present in BWA systems such as OFDM will be part of the next generation of mobile systems.
Such multiagent analysis is difficult because it is usually complicated by interferences between assays and the large number of BWA probes.
based Southern Baptist Convention, made headlines with its announcement that it was pulling out of the BWA.
Stevenston-based BWA employ 14 apprentices at different stages of their training, which consists ofa mix of day release at college, onthe-job training, distance learning and final exams.
The BWA established the awards in 2000 to recognize the best in literature of the African Diaspora.
In the report, "Broadband Wireless Access Perceptions and Reality," Sage looks at the current deployment status of BWA, service providers' likelihood to consider BWA technologies in the future, common drivers and deterrents for BWA technologies, and the satisfaction levels of current BWA users.
Nortel Networks has introduced two new broadband wireless access (BWA) systems - Internet BWA 3200 and Internet BWA 3300 - for 3G UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and broadband wireless service providers.
A list of the rating actions taken on BWA is included at the end of this release.