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The Institute of Defense Analyses (IDA) facilitated the development of the draft BW defense CONOPS, which is still undergoing staffing at the time of this writing.
The question that remains unanswered is: How will installation commanders execute BW defense, given that, while the population is vulnerable, the risk of terrorists using biological agents is not as likely as their using conventional weapons?
Operation Iraqi Freedom caused the military services to look hard at their BW defense operations and, in some cases, come up with new CONOPS.
The debate on how the military services perform BW defense will go on, if not intensify, due to the lack of any recent biological incidents (since the October 2001 letters).
What is clear is that the critical concerns of a detector-centric BW defense approach are valid and could be a step in the wrong direction--not because detection of the hazard is not feasible, but because there are not enough laboratory facilities to process all these samples in a timely fashion.
It may be that a simplified table (as shown in the table below) can outline how the military, as well as agencies involved with HLS, address future BW defense concepts.