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trademark for men's underwear

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By making women's art about male forms--whether literal (lipstick penises, BVDs, and wingtip shoes) or figurative ones (as postfeminist Primary Objects)--Lachowicz has hit on a material metaphor with considerable punch.
The new devices allow high operating voltages for advanced high frequency operations, in particular NPNs with a BVceo of 14V and ft/fmax of 15/32 GHz and a RF-PLDMOS (P-type lateral extended MOS transistor) with a BVds of 18V and ft/fmax of 11/28GHz.
We could not have raised $1,153,698 without the GayBINGO sponsors, players, entertainers, volunteers, BVDs, and staff members who all play a part in producing and supporting an event that means so much to local AIDS service organizations because of the grant funds generated.
Those who arrive without their BVDs will be provided with their
Take those old records off the shelf: Tom Cruise, who boogied in his BVDs in ``Risky Business,'' is working on a film about that old-time rock 'n' roll.