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trademark for men's underwear

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On my first or second day in the country, I woke up wearing my BVDs, moseyed over to the sliding glass door, pulled aside the curtains and saw a man with binoculars looking straight back at me.
JUNCTION CITY - The lanky rifleman in the long coat and BVDs kept calling for more merlot, and raucous women with picket signs kept chanting "Take it off, take it off" as the showdown drew near.
But they don't particularly toot their own horns and they still do their own yard work and rake leaves and prune their trees, maybe even in their BVDs," she says with a contagious laugh.
The notoriously press-shy star hasn't extensively promoted a movie since he was dancing around on screen in his BVDs, but then his latest film, ``Vanilla Sky,'' isn't just any movie.
If the women in the NOW office see a picture of a cool-looking man in BVDs do you all pitch a fit or do the heterosexual staff linger over it?