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trademark for men's underwear

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It provides MCO with direct ownership of BvD's attractive and comprehensive database of private company information which can be bundled with MA existing product sets.
This new service is offered alongside BvD's existing functionality and data, which already screens individuals for PEPs and Sanctions associations and shows if, and how, individuals are linked.
BvD's client portfolio comprises financial institutions, as well as corporates, universities and government offices.
Tony Pringle, managing director UK and Ireland of Bureau van Dijk, says: "Valuation Catalyst pulls data from BvD's products then pushes it through robust models, automating much of an initial company valuation.
On the other hand, customers depend on Fraport BVD's expertise in performing complex handling tasks, its efficiency and speed in turning flights around, its sophisticated IT support and solutions, and one of the most extensive ground equipment fleets in the world--and of course, highly skilled staff, If time is money, then at the super-efficient Frankfurt hub, airlines benefit from BVD staff, who perform amazing tasks every day--Fraport's time machine in action!
My sister has a costume shop and just happened to have a men's pair of BVD's in size 56.
10, 2017, MCO closed the acquisition of Bureau van Dijk (BvD) for EUR3 billion (approximately $3.5 billion), or 22.7x BvD's fiscal year ended (FYE) Dec.
This new solution is called Document Manager and is in addition to BvD's existing TP Catalyst Benchmarking offering.
31 August 2015 - Growth in mergers and acquisitions activity targeting North American companies stalled in August, according to a report from UK-based business information publisher BvD's global M/A database, Zephyr.
It contains information on over 700,000 deals worldwide and includes links to complementary company financials and peer reports from BvD's corporate product range for company valuation and benchmarking.