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a computer circuit with several inputs but only one output that can be activated by particular combinations of inputs

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But for the BUF the "honeymoon" period was coming to an end.
The recruitment of thousands of working class young men into the BUF, marked by its quasi-military style, was solid evidence that violence continued to be part of Britain's political tradition.
In present study SKIM and COW extenders better conserved NAR expressed in terms of least square means compared to HOM, BUF, CAM and MOD extenders.
Buf is also moving into transmedia with Yann Ulrich's "HY Opera," which intertwines 12 different media, including film, TV series, videogames, graphic novel and live games.
AE was partitioned in n-butanol yielding the butanolic (BuF) and the aqueous fraction (AF) (Tanae et al., 2007).
The difficulties of Grandi's position are outlined in Chapters 4 and 6, which focus on the contacts between Grandi and the British Right (particularly the BUF and the Conservative Italophiles) in the years following the Ethiopian War and leading to the Second World War; both chapters show how Grandi's position became increasingly difficult, as he was trying to maintain good relations with the British Foreign Office and the British Right in the face of Italy's growing and pressing anti-British propaganda and pro-German foreign policy.
Gottlieb explores the role of women in the BUF. Their presence gave the BUF a "veneer of decency" (p.
A number of patriotic and ultra-conservative organisations emerged during the First World War, which hoped to consolidate themselves in its aftermath, such as Henry Page Croft's National Party (Croft's sister was to later stand as a BUF candidate) and H.
This is accomplished by discarding characters up to the next occurence of a letter, then gathering up the letters into the argument buffer: int getword(buf, size) char *buf; int size; [ char *P; int c; p = buf; while ((c = getchar()) !=EOF) if (isletter(c)) [ do [ if (size > 1) [ *p++ = c; size--; ] c = getchar(); ] while (isletter(c)); *p = ' 0'; return p - buf; ] return EOF; ] size is compared with 1 to ensure that there is room for the terminating null character.
Buf -- Woods 6 pass from Orton (Carpenter kick), 11:59.
Mr Mosley, youngest son of Sir Oswald Mosley, former leader of the British Union of Fascists (BUF), has issued High Court proceedings against Google Inc and Google UK Limited for misuse of private information and breaches of the Data Protection Act through his lawyers Payne Hicks Beach.
"WHEN FILMMAKERS want a shot that's never been seen before and don't know how to do it, they come to us," says Pierre Buffin, CEO of Paris-based Buf Compagnie, neatly encapsulating the service behind the growth of his company, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.
In January 1932 he visited Benito Mussolini and was so captivated with the Italian dictator and his National Fascist Party that later that year he founded his own British Union of Fascists, BUF.
Yesterday, a frail looking Bunz had to be helped to his chai r in Buf falo's State Supreme Court.