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How can BUE expertise be capitalized upon in these megaprojects?
Sintered carbide reamer is not suitable for reaming so "soft" workpiece material, because of its inclination to BUE on cutting edge.
A SEM and EDS insight into the BUL and BUE differences in the turning processes of AA2024 Al-Cu alloy.
The BUE administration said the students were because they were seen "to incite [students] to sit-in and suspend classes at the university".
Abou-Zaid, a final year civil engineering student, was expelled from the BUE earlier this month after collecting the signatures of 2,600 students who agreed to a new students' bylaw.
In Egypt no licenses are given but to owners of kiosks so street vendors never leave their places, because customers know their location," said head of Enactus BUE Projects Ramy Sd.
BUE Vice President Moustafa Gouda announced: "The strike is now over.
The students are accusing the BUE administration of corruption and have called for the resignation of President Ahmed Hamza and Secretary General Sami El Masri.
Muhammad Kamal, the assistant to the president of the BUE student union, said that at the time of writing students have taken complete control of the auditorium.
El-Alfy is an activist and student at the BUE and has in the past led student protests against the university administration.
It was Egypt' First Lady Suzanne Mubarak who had suggested that BUE open a faculty of nursing during her visit of the premises for the university's inauguration in 2006.
Sherif Tawfiq, a business student put himself forward for the competition, along with several other eager Egyptians from BUE, American University in Cairo and Sixth of October University.
President of UEL, Patrick Jones, who will become Vice President and Director of BUE, said, "Universal Electric Limited has been the electrical industry leader for 50 years.
Bues has been hired as Vice President, Head of Business Development, the company said.
Roedd ar Stryd y Farchnad a'r ffilm y bues yn ei gwylio oedd Lady and the Tramp.