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a unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit at one atmosphere pressure

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Maple is not the best choice for wood burning, but still rates relatively high on the BTU scale.
A source at the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding company (EGAS) confirmed to Daily News Egypt that natural gas is sold to iron companies at the price of $7 per million Btu.
In connection with the completion of the transaction, BTU ceased trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange.
The combined company generated pro forma revenues of $94.7 million, based on results for the 12-month period ended June 30 and June 29 for Amtech and BTU, respectively.
Water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon, so one gallon of water carries 8.34 Btu of heat for each 1[degrees]F of temperature change.
It added that natural gas production has increased by three quadrillion Btu over the same period, with much of this growth coming from the eastern United States.
SKK Migas hinted that it would raise the price of upstream gas again by 40% from US$5.8 per million Btu (British thermal unit) to US$8 per million Btu.
In 2013 Telecom Egypt has placed orders for (a) supply & erection of 16 central air conditioners including two of 210,000 BTU/ hr capacity at Sidi Gaber telephone exchange, other nine of 170,000 BTU/ hr capacity at Al Arish main Exchange, Al Mohandesin International Exchange & Dar El Salam Exchange, one of 140,000 BTU/ hr at Suez Exchange & four of 100,000 BTU/ hr at Dar El Salam & Shubra Exchanges on 5/19/2013, (b) 13 central air conditioning stations of 210,000 BTU capacity each on 5/14/2013 & (c) 23 closed control type air conditioners (65 & 40 KW) on 4/10/2013.
"The revision of BTU rules is SECP's one of the major moves towards development of the capital market in Pakistan" said a statement issued by the Commission here Wednesday.
Radiator output is measured in btus (British thermal units) and to work out the btus required to heat a room, ask a plumber or use an online btu calculator.
Locally owned business BTU Heating & Cooling, Inc., which also offers industrial and light residential HVAC service, is working with local online marketing firm Prospect Genius to boost its Web presence.
The report measures all conventional fossil fuel energy used in the production of 1 gallon of corn ethanol and concluded that for every British thermal unit (BTU) unit of energy required to make ethanol, 2.3 BTUs of energy are produced.
While ONGC gets a mere $ 1.79 per million British thermal units ( Btu) private companies, such as Reliance, rakes in a higher $ 4.32 per million Btu.
Tallian New CFO of BTU International(C)2009 JeraOne -
The summed direct and indirect diesel consumption amounts were converted to an equivalent heating value (British thermal unit, BTU) as the total energy input.