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Synonyms for oasis

Synonyms for oasis

a fertile tract in a desert (where the water table approaches the surface)

a shelter serving as a place of safety or sanctuary


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Mannion added "Recruits seeking to join the BTP are of a high standard and have chosen to work for BTP in preference to, say, Police Scotland.
Silvano Sansoni, Vice President, Industries and Business Development, IBM France added: "We are delighted to bring our deep knowledge of data management and our expertise in counter-fraud and abuse solutions and services to PRO BTP.
Finally, an additional economic aspect must also be taken into account: BTP is considerably more expensive than creatinine.
Shields's sentencing on Tuesday came amid renewed efforts from the BTP to reduce acts of damage and trespassing on Scottish railway lines and stations.
There is, then, no factual or legal basis for anyone to claim that BTP is undertaking the tunnel project in violation of federal, state or local law.
Ryan Kasprzak, a former student-turned-teacher whose specialty is clowning and vaudeville, has become a favorite among BTP offerings.
Transport Minister Tony McNulty said: "Our review is considering future funding options for the BTP.
The BTP currently has 2,100 officers to patrol all the railway and Underground networks in England, Scotland and Wales.
The solution purchased by BTP features state of the art 3-D site surveys and NAAP's carrier-grade software featuring modules for asset tracking, inventory, documents and project management, tower load analysis, security and maintenance.
BTP was forced into the models, and the remaining predictors were selected based upon a required P value of <0.
While the BTP denied the measures, it is believed that top-level instructions for key rail industry bodies were sent out in the hours following Thursday's attacks, which killed 200 people.
Tracey Taylor-Provost wasn't looking for a quiet life when she joined the BTP.
BTP, which operates the length and breadth of Britain, sent their Community Awareness Training Workbook to all 2100 officers and 500 civilian staff.
BTP satisfies both of these needs by offering an array of options including building a private cloud, leveraging third-party offerings, and a hybrid option which combines both models.