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a bachelor's degree in science

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We know the ships, the Sailors, and what they're doing," said Richard Brittingham, supervisor for NAVSUP BSC Regional Support Site Norfolk, Virginia.
The loan was originated by Stephen Lee, a Senior Vice President with The BSC Group.
BSC's risk-adjusted capitalization improved over the past two years: in 2017 due primarily to earnings-driven growth in the company's stabilization fund and in 2016 due to earnings and to lower risk charges for affiliated company and underwriting risk as BSC began writing business that had previously been written by an affiliate and changed the way it includes certain contracts with risk-sharing components in its risk-adjusted capitalization calculation.
Hyundai will not only be visible on the Hertha BSC jersey but will also feature on the club's LED perimeter and hospitality branding at home matches.
As environments and technologies change, NAVSUP BSC will reform into an agile, adaptable, well-structured business unit, best-positioned to deliver into the future.
The emergence of CoE results from the natural evolution of enterprises and the search for an added value of individual units to boost their competitiveness, said Jan Papula from the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Comenius University in Bratislava.Changes in Slovak SSCIn the past, traditional shared service centres (SSCs), or BSCs were created to reduce transactional costs.
to adopt or not to adopt BSC) must first consider the endogenous nature of such choice.
SBP BSC is headed by a Managing Director (MD) who has a large team of Directors and Chief Managers, directly reporting to him.
Kaplan and Norton (1996) also argued that the BSC should affect compensation, but they provided no empirical evidence for this linkage.
BSc Hons Marketing, MA Advanced International Business Management (Dual Award in conjunction with the University of Groningen), MA Human Resource Management, MA International Financial Analysis, MSc Advanced International Business Management and Marketing (Dual Award in conjunction with the University of Groningen), MSc Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, MSc International Marketing, MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management, MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management (Dual Award in conjunction with the University of Groningen), MSc Operations Management, Logistics and Accounting, MSc Quantitative Finance and Risk Management, MSc Strategic Planning and Investment
In January 2011, the gynecologist placed polypropylene pelvic mesh (Obtryx Transobturator Midurethal Sling system, BSC).
Muscat: Bangladesh Social Club (BSC) has launched a wing to focus on women from their community living in Oman.
The balanced scorecard (BSC) was proposed by US academics David Norton and Robert Kaplan in the early 1990s to address inadequacies in traditional performance measures, which focused purely on finance.
vykonnostni pyramidou [33], Balanced Scorecardem (BSC) [25] a vykonnostnim prizmatem [38], existuje zde stale nedostatek kvalitnich studii zabyvajicich se vlivem vyuziti techto konceptu na samotnou vykonnost [47].