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a fatal disease of cattle that affects the central nervous system

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Furthermore he said BSE would continue to empower pupils in order for them to lead better and successful lives, which could propel them into the innovation ecosystem.
Namazov said that Eldar Abdullayev, member of the BSE board and head of the operations and IT department, will temporarily fulfil the duties of the Chairman of the BSE board.
* Develop awareness of BSE's Startup platform amongst HDFC Bank's portfolio of startups.
"The idea was to help entrepreneurs look beyond the conventional channels of raising capital and enable them to list on the stock exchange to further enhance the credibility of the firm," said Ajay Kumar Thakur, Head of BSE SME and Startups.
Fortunately for Kenya, there is nothing secret about BSE occurrence.
Scientists believe that BSE is most often spread through the practice of feeding cattle various meats (rendered material) from slaughtered animals such as sheep, goats, and other cattle.
He also expressed thanks and appreciation to BSE president and board members for their constant efforts to enhance interaction with the Works Ministry to develop the engineering sector in the kingdom, stressing the need to adopt the graduation projects of graduate students, given their importance in enriching the engineering sector.
Conclusion: Knowledge about accurate way to perform BSE among female students of Islamabad is insufficient.
With this background, the present study was planned to determine the knowledge and practice of BSE and associated factors among rural women so that appropriate interventions can be undertaken accordingly for the promotion of the practice of BSE.
It was found that during the first data collection phase, only 16 % of the students performed BSE while during the final data collection phase, the rate of the students performing BSE rose to 77 %.
Singapore Exchange (SGX), which holds 4.75 per cent stake in the BSE, may have made 9 per cent return on its investment in rupee terms, but depreciation of the Indian currency from Rs 44-45 against the dollar in 2007 to the current Rs 68 per dollar will result in a 30 per cent loss - it invested $42.7 million, but will have to sell its entire holding for $30.2 million.
As many studies indicated the practices of BSE are low among university students.
Despite that, BSE SEM imaging has been rarely exploited to quantify information from BSE images.
Ramadorai, formerly chief of the country's biggest IT company TCS, was appointed as Public Interest Director and Chairman of the BSE's Board in March 2010 and retired yesterday after serving BSE for six years.