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trademark for a powerful operating system

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The Mac OS X, which is very close to BSD UNIX, is a fine server to run LISTSERV on," added DiCamillo, a Macintosh developer with two decades of experience who has managed LISTSERV for the university through its transition from BITNET to IBM VM to UNIX (Solaris).
The book is aimed at developers and system administrators and it covers an introduction to Mac OS X's BSD Unix core, building applications, working with packages, and how to use Mac OS X as a server.
And Perens, after explaining the similarities between the SCO-IBM case and a lawsuit between AT&T Unix Systems Labs and the University of California and BSDi, which sold BSD Unix, in the early 1990s, brings that point home.
The core of OS X is a BSD UNIX layer bringing increased stability and advanced multitasking to the Mac OS family.
In addition, the AMD64 architecture is designed to enhance the security of your computing environment by integrating Enhanced Virus Protection(a) technology enabled by advanced anti-virus features, including those found in the current versions Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris and BSD Unix.