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the pace of music measured by the number of beats occurring in 60 seconds

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Lack of well-defined protocols to exchange information among systems, and integrate different BPM systems to support cross-company workflows;
By seamlessly orchestrating process with context and balancing decision rules between consumer need and company objectives, BPM systems not only increase customer value and satisfaction, they guide users to make better choices.
Due to the combination of changing tasks characteristics and the steady state of supporting information technology (BPM systems) a task-technology misfit has emerged.
Any transition from existing systems to an ECM or BPM system will incur costs in a number of areas, including:
Ultimately, a BPM system will be able to provide a bridge between the production facility and the media enterprise where applications such as Microsoft's Sharepoint and other information systems will be able to share workflows and access content, given the appropriate permissions.
In processes such as Order-to-Invoice, for example, a third-party BPM system can more efficiently facilitate heterogeneous automation, thus enabling short and cost-effective implementations across all architecture layers.
Rob Shaphard, assistant vice president of operations, reports once the carrier's IT people learned how to develop the BPM system, they were able to translate that knowledge to other business units.
Therefore, the use of a BPM system implies deep and enterprise-wide process analyses; and the inclusion of process performance measurement for continuous process monitoring and improvement (quality).
Yet the improvements in performance achieved as a result of these efforts may be only a fraction of the potential benefits an organization can realize from implementing a BPM system. Those that want to maximize the benefit from their BPM efforts need to also consider creating a BPM Center of Excellence (CoE).
Also, Tom Malone, the CEO of BPM provider SRC Software, reviews the arguments for, and benefits of, a robust BPM system.