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Ghulam Sarwar said experts and eminent professionals had been selected for appointment as chairmen/chairpersons of the BoDs.
The BoDs also approved advance medical treatment, mess allowance for newly recruited assistant lineman after four months mandatory training, 3000 kilometre PVC II core, 26000 disk insulators, 3000 km of Ant-Conductors, 1000 km rabbit-conductors, 420 HT/LT steal structure and purchase of new single phase meters.
Company Secretary presented Minutes of 105th BOD meeting which were approved after detailed discussion.PescoBoD discussed the measures taken to make Pesco a profitable entity.
She said: "The money raised by Hen Bods will greatly enhance the existing work of the PFA which provides extra equipment, resources, and activities for the children in the school."
If you measure your bod against the long-and-lean Mischa, the teeny-tiny Olsen twins or even the girl who sits next to you in math, stop!
Meanwhile, the Petroleum Division said appointments in the BoDs had been made on merit and through a transparent manner with an objective to transform the public sector organizations into profit-earning entities so that they could contribute to national exchequer vibrantly.
A number of other managerial and administrative matters on the agenda were also approved.BoD appreciated the performance of CEO Pesco and shown BoDs confidence in him The members of the BoD vowed to use all their energies and efforts to bring Pesco out of current financial crisis.
The CCOR guidelines state that the size of the proposed BODs may range between 8 to 10 members.