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a bachelor's degree in naval science

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The question is whether we can rebroadcast another version (of RTR Planeta)," Virginijus Jurgelevicius, CEO of Balticum TV, a member of the association, told BNS.
The BNS help municipal health, nutrition, social work, and agriculture workers bring services to the grassroots.
In addition, there is the possibility of substitution and potential deterioration risk if BNS adds mortgages to maintain the cover pool.
We are not going to sit idle and will take all possible measures, in discussion with the BNS, the Bahrain Society for Technologists and Radiographers (BSTR) as well as the ministry's trade union.
But BNS interim managing director Chris Jagusz said that the company was keen to tap into the IT telephony expertise offered by the team and that Daisy will now be getting the Northumberland centre to work with its bases in Lancashire, London and the Midlands.
The right of BNS to resist the claims of the Appellant and the Cross-respondents cannot be examined without regard to RBC's right to ask BNS to transfer the funds.
Flipping through catalogue pages is the easiest way to browse, much easier than using the remote control to navigate an online menu," said Jeffrey Soong, CEO of BNS.
BNS said that, with the greater concentration of waste and the storage options, VEP could halve the volume of storage space needed in a nuclear waste facility.
Tunnelling under BNS has been suggested as a means of giving relief, but by its nature and cost it could only cater for local or regional services.
Paul Freeman, from the rescue team, said: "The support from BNS Telecom's Charity Fund is very much appreciated.
SCHMERSAL has introduced the BNS 16 LR, a non-contact safety sensor that monitors the position of two sliding, hinged or removable safety guards.
5% of BNS capital, raising its stake in the agency to 85%.
NEC BNS is beefing up its presence in the multiservices field, which deals with building networks of visual materials and the data for companies.
Two state banks, the Agricultural Credit Bank (ACB) and the National Development Bank (NDB) will share the risk with BNS for some under-collateralized projects.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings views Bank of Nova Scotia's (BNS) announced agreement to purchase ING Bank of Canada (ING Direct) from Netherlands-based ING Group as neutral to the ratings of BNS (rated 'AA-/F1+' by Fitch).