coaxial cable

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a transmission line for high-frequency signals

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In addition, two BNC connectors used for output--SDI out and DVB/ASI out--are dormant until the firmware update.
The unit comes with installation accessories, including a BNC connector and swivel-mount bracket.
Quotation Details are as follows Channel HDCVI DVR Make DH - XVR5108HS,IR Dome camera HDCVI Make DH - HAC- HDW1200RP,Dahua Make HDCVI 2 MP IR Bullet Camera HAC - HFW1200RP,12V, 10A SMPS,4 TB HDD,DC Pin & BNC Connector Opening date : 28 Nov 2017
Each module has a BNC connector supporting any standard scope probes.
Tenders are invited for Bnc Connector Male, As Per Sample.
Limited Tenders are invited for 37 Degree angle probe, 2 MHz single crystal 20x20 mm with BNC connector, code: VNPRF141, EEC Make for DWT DS-322 .
Most CCTV DVR's have female BNC connectors on the back of them that allow the RG59 CCTV cable to easily attach to it via a male BNC connector.
Featuring one male BNC connector at either end and comprising digital-specification RG6 cabling, HD-SDI video cables, thanks to their high build quality and superior craftsmanship, are aimed at video production professionals and other high-end users.
The BNC connector is used commonly at lower frequencies.
For portable applications that do not require signal conditioning, the BNC connector version of the DAQPad-6015 is useful for portable, quick signal connection and disconnection.
This tool provides installers/assemblers with a single, pocket-size tool for testing the cable assembly as well as proper pin height on the BNC connector.
Tenders invited for 2 inchx2 inch nai(tl) detectors with r1306pmt voltage divider and single bnc connector in aluminum casing
Trompeter has announced the BNC connector Installer Training Video in CD-ROM format.
The high-performance characteristics of the standard BNC connector are offered in the Mini-BNC.