coaxial cable

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a transmission line for high-frequency signals

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In addition, two BNC connectors used for output--SDI out and DVB/ASI out--are dormant until the firmware update.
A miniature BNC connector is part of a line of V-Bite RF edgeboard connectors.
The IQ400 has a BNC connector for conventional glass pH and oxidation-reduction potential electrodes, as well a connector for ion-sensitive field effect transistor (ISFET) non-glass pH electrodes.
The unit comes with installation accessories, including a BNC connector and swivel-mount bracket.
The switch ports are transparent to all data and the center pin and shell of each BNC connector is switched.
Each module has a BNC connector supporting any standard scope probes.
The TNC connector evolved from the BNC connector, which is basically a bayonet-coupled TNC.
In addition, the kit may be used for BNC connector measurement, but the actual measuring dimensions may require interpolation.
This tool provides installers/assemblers with a single, pocket-size tool for testing the cable assembly as well as proper pin height on the BNC connector. The easy-to-use unit insures quality installation of BNC cables, particularly important in applications like telephony where flawless cable assembly construction is crucial to insure long term connection reliability as well as effective suppression of spurious signal emissions, an important part of the central office environment.
Featuring one male BNC connector at either end and comprising digital-specification RG6 cabling, HD-SDI video cables, thanks to their high build quality and superior craftsmanship, are aimed at video production professionals and other high-end users.
Trompeter has announced the BNC connector Installer Training Video in CD-ROM format.