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the rate at which heat is produced by an individual in a resting state

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Tom Sargent, division director at Macquarie Bank said, This latest integration from BMR is another great example of a partner using Macquarie s online account applications to build an innovative and secure solutions that streamlines workflows.
With receipt of these key documents, BMR Energy will work to rapidly finalize and close on its financing arrangements with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation ("OPIC") and International Finance Corporation ("IFC").
Subjects were housed in a rest house near the BMR laboratory at the Solomon Mahlangu campus of Sokoine University of Agriculture.
El incremento de productividad animal debido al gen BMR ha sido ampliamente reportado para vacas lecheras utilizando ensilajes de maiz y sorgo (11,18,23,24,26).
I thought we started passing the ball better after Kevin got hot and there was a little more attention on him, and we could pass better and spread it out," said an elated BMR coach Ethan Roe.
The new BMR functionality will be part of NovaBACKUP DataCenter version 4.
Telesystem Tirol is utilizing the BigBand BMR to control its line-up of digital offerings, as well as manage bandwidth efficiency and content quality of each program via RateShaping(R) bit rate adaptation.
BMR has over 10 years experience cooperating with leading embedded companies in the worldwide.
Vestas long experience in wind technologies and different weather conditions make it an ideal partner for this project, which requires cutting-edge technology to guarantee the continuous and sustainable operation of the wind power plant at all times , says Bruce Levy, President of BMR Energy.
The BigBand BMR is one of the most reliable and first-rate platforms on the market today, designed to be carrier-class and proven to deliver five 9's availability.
The BMR sits in the heart of our customers' networks.
By integrating BMR right into the Intronis ECHOplatform and U[sup.
We're using the BMR to deliver 100 digital TV programs to more than 80,000 subscribers.
Each quarter, BMR publishes at least six weekly earnings previews covering approximately 50 popular stocks, giving investors both long-term and short-term opinions to help shape their investment strategy.
The new video processing engine will form the core of a new family of cards--the XE family--for the BMR, designed to significantly enhance advertising insertion and RateShaping([R]) performance.