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an image represented as a two dimensional array of brightness values for pixels

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The feature is impressive; the author tested this feature by selecting a group of TIFF and BMP files, set them to a lower resolution and a different color depth and converted them to JPG files all in one step.
Color and grayscale BMP files are supported, in addition to monochrome BMP files, for more versatile pattern sequencing.
The digital photo frames can display JPEG or BMP files and offer multiple slideshow options including speed, effect, language and rotation adjustments, allowing users to not only customize the look of the frame, but also their slideshow.
The frames can display JPEG or BMP files and also include clock and alarm functionality.
These include MP3 and WMA files for audio, JPEG and BMP files for photos and graphics, and MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 SP, DIVX 3.
More graphic output formats -- Create JPG, PNG, WMF, and BMP files to enable mixed text and graphics reporting.
One of the most exciting things about this new release is the ability to export JPEG and BMP files in a 16k x 16k file size.
E-FotoXpress compresses JPEG images up to 400 times and up to 1000 times in TIFF and BMP files so that they may be sent over the Internet at great speed.
Unlike other solutions out there that require special printers and special scanners, e-FotoXpress is a utility software that will be able to compress most JPEG files up to 400 times and up to 1000 times in TIFF and BMP files.
SkyPaint supports 3D Studio MAX(TM) and Quake II(TM) TARGA files, PNG and JPEG files for VRML background nodes, Bryce 3D(TM) BMP files, BMP and JPEG file formats for Live Picture(TM), and Quicktime VR(TM) BMP files.