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an image represented as a two dimensional array of brightness values for pixels

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The feature is impressive; the author tested this feature by selecting a group of TIFF and BMP files, set them to a lower resolution and a different color depth and converted them to JPG files all in one step.
Printing seems to be just a screen dump to a BMP file; thus the Windows taskbar remains on the chart.
Sure, you can compress the BMP file into something much smaller with PKZIP or WinZip, but it turns out that not everyone at the other end knows how to UNZIP files.
This is handy if you are provided with a BMP file and your application needs it in PCX format.
Now users of reaConverter can easily transform documents in these formats to single-page JPG, PNG or BMP files or to multi-page postscript documents - TIFF and PDF.
Not only does SexFaceFinder let you upload PNG and BMP files as well as JPEGs, but it promises to "never save the pictures you upload," and doesn't pull a bait-and-switch to harvest your email address.