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the pace of music measured by the number of beats occurring in 60 seconds

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Bapco's BMP project director A Jabbar A Karim said in addition to its process requirement, this will also form the cornerstone of Bapco's commitment to protection of the environment and pursuing excellence in its corporate social responsibility.
Additional BMP-2 we injected into the mouse muscle may have solely amplified intrinsic BMP signaling following SCI.
Reduced BMP signaling and increased Wnt signaling activate hair growth.
To lead the BMP programs, Bioventus has hired BMP scientists John Wozney, Ph.
Infor cited the use of the software by BMP Asia Industries, a sister company, as well as by BMP's systems integrator Innovative Solutions, according to the complaint.
New data analysis results--a new analysis of all the BMPs in the database identifies how different BMP types performed in removing a variety of pollutants; the performance descriptions can assess achievable effluent concentrations, assess effects of BMPs on total loadings, and identify the frequency of potential exceedances of water quality criteria or other targets.
In those states, such as Arkansas, where BMPs are nonregulatory, operators agree to comply with state BMP guidelines and states must conduct audits to monitor operator compliance with these guidelines.
Recombinant BMP-4, a member of the BMP superfamily was also tested on primitive cells.
In November of 2002, CURIS licensed to Ortho Biotech (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) the rights to its BMP portfolio for neurological, renal, and other therapeutic indications.
Sir, - Re Michael Thorley's retirement from the BMP, he was a great ambassador for the city during the years of negotiating the 1998 Lions Clubs International Convention held in Birmingham.
They took skin cells from rats and combined them in a laboratory dish with a genetically engineered adenovirus to which the researchers had added the gene for a BMP family member called BMP-7.
We can justify the work,'' said Michael Siegel, a senior project manager for BMP Group, a concrete subcontractor.
Carriers can use the BMP to create business application marketplaces, develop competing services to popular operating system storefronts, or support niche marketplaces for SMBs.
The biomimetic surfaces proposed here, present several fundamental studies, advantages and breakthroughs (i) reduced use of BMP-2 bound on the surface: indeed (i) the binding prevents the cellular internalization of the growth factors; (ii) possibility to enhance the osteogenic differentiation by surface co-presentation of BMPs or/and of RGDs; (iii) surface versatility with respect to stiffness which could positively impact osteogenic differentiation.