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a measure of someone's weight in relation to height

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Consuming a diet low in fat and cholesterol and being aerobically fit predicted lower BMI, which together resulted in increases in high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and decreases in triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.
In children with severe obesity, BMI z was a weaker measure (correlation = 0.46) than were measures of %[BMI.sub.p95] (r = 0.61) or BMIaz scores with no upper boundary (r = 0.65).
"The RMLC is seeking an interim fee at a rate of 1.4% of revenue, reflecting the perceived dip in BMI's market share, while BMI has petitioned the rate court for a continuation of the status quo rate of 1.7 % of revenue," he notes.
The researchers examined the BMI of normal, overweight, obese and morbidly obese patients, and the effects on multiple myeloma.
Hemmati's statements, all necessary arrangements have been made to restart the activities of BMI subsidiary in London (Melli Bank PLC, London) and BMI awaits to receive the required authorization from UK government."
Variables###Frequency (%)###High BMI Frequency (%)###Normal BMI Frequency (%)
Mark Smith, CEO of Cognition Holdings Limited, says the companys initial 35 per cent equity acquisition in BMi Research formed part of its strategy to enhance the intellectual capital associated with the groups move into the knowledge economy and the deployment of Knowledge 350, its specialised one-to-one marketing consulting service.
Regarding the aTSA patients, 110 patients had a BMI less than 25 (79 female, 31 male) with an average age of 68.1 [+ or -] 9.8 years and an average follow-up of 43.9 [+ or -] 21.2 months.
A health indicator commonly used to classify underweight, overweight and obese adults, a BMI reading measures a person's index of weight-for-height.
Come join InterDyn BMI and the other companies being honored at the 2014 Inc.
Cardiovascular disease is linked with the largest increase in cost per unit increase in Body Mass Index (BMI), according to researchers at Duke Medicine, Durham, NC.
British regional airline, bmi regional, has won the prestigious Silver Airline of the Year award at the annual European Regions Airline Association (ERAA) conference in Salzburg, Austria.
Many epidemiologic and observational studies have noted a clear association between a high BMI and an increased risk for gallstones, but have not been able to pin down a causal effect.
In a recently published research from Business Monitor International, "Macedonia Business Forecast Report Q3 2013" BMI's notes that the chances of bringing (FYR) Macedonia's EU accession hopes back on track have improved somewhat in recent months.