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a measure of someone's weight in relation to height

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If someone has a lot of muscle (which weighs more than fat), the BMI index will be overestimated by the calculation - so a fit, strapping rugby player could have relatively low body fat levels but a high BMI, for example.
As Asian populations develop negative health consequences at a lower BMI than Caucasians, some nations have redefined obesity.
In children with severe obesity, BMI z was a weaker measure (correlation = 0.
Regarding the aTSA patients, 110 patients had a BMI less than 25 (79 female, 31 male) with an average age of 68.
He has gained many accomplishments from his earlier experiences with BMI Syon Clinic in Brentford and BMI Coomb Wing in Kingston.
BMI Bank's shareholders include Bank Muscat, the leading financial services provider in Oman.
Jamal is a seasoned banker and will now lead BMI forward.
Thus, 37% of patients were misclassified by BMI: 452 were found to be obese by DXA but nonobese by BMI and 12 were obese by BMI but not by DXA.
The 28-day mortality among patients with a BMI of 29.
Having obtained this information, the data was entered into an Excel spreadsheet where the actual BMI was calculated from the measurements of the patient recorded at admission and the estimated BMI calculated from the data provided by the patient on their HQ.
A large waist (compared to one's hips) is a better indicator of body fat than BMI in older people, notes Manson, but people don't always measure it accurately.
Waist circumference has been purported to be negatively correlated with Type 2a muscle fibers and positively correlated with Type 2b--much more so than BMI has been shown to be.
Then, plot your BMI by age on the appropriate chart below to find out if your body fat falls within a healthy range.
Hosted by Viscount Cobham, the BMI President for 2004, the dinner was attended by BMI members and their guests.
Your BMI is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters; a BMI of 25 or more means you're overweight, and one of 30 or more means you're obese.