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an agency in the Department of Defense that is responsible for making ballistic missile defense a reality

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Like the BMDO study, RAND finds an apparent difference in cost growth based on program size.
One of the early post-flight manifestations of this fact was immediately evident when the BMDO review of the telemetry data from the IFT-1A flight test resulted in the defense system always wrongly identifying a partially inflated balloon as the mock warhead.
This is certainly a convenient setup if the company and the BMDO are thinking of stacking the deck on the next intercept test to insure a successful result.
Additionally, BMDO will fund studies to evaluate the pairing of a kinetic energy interceptor with an unmanned aerial vehicle.
With SBIR, the BMDO showed that government can seed the needed high-tech products while it puts technology into the free market - and in a way that does not do for the market what the market can already do for itself.
In fact, the BMDO plans to use similar technologies developed by SDI to upgrade short-range missile defense.
The Administration also reorganized BMDO to eliminate the distinctions between theater missile defense and national missile defense, instead dividing the programs into boost-phase, mid-course, and terminal technologies.
He goes on to state that he has documentation that BMDO in cohorts with its contractors then tried to hide this fact by tampering with the raw data and final analysis from this experiment.
For the short term, the BMDO chose as its workhorse a gas-fueled, piston-driven, turbocharged airplane.
Jim Sovey, senior aerospace specialist at NASA Lewis, said that the BMDO solar array puts out an unregulated bus voltage that range from 80 to 160 V.
Consistent with these recommendations, the SDIO was renamed BMDO, and restructured to focus almost exclusively on theater missile defenses.
Postol, who contended that BMDO manipulated test data, in order to show that the kill vehicle could discriminate between a warhead and a decoy.
However, this proved too ambitious, and the BMDO switched its funding priority to theatre ballistic missile defence (TBMD) and developing the technology for a National Missile Defense (NMD) system using ground-based missiles (rather than the space-based Brilliant Pebbles of SDI).
They receive about 20% more funds to distribute than other government agencies such as NASA and BMDO (Ballistic Missile Defense Organization), all of whom have become key to R & D in the US today.