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an agency in the Department of Defense that is responsible for making ballistic missile defense a reality

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Like the BMDO study, RAND finds an apparent difference in cost growth based on program size.
52] Interview with BMDO official and with USAF official.
The Army and BMDO are cooperating on this program, he said.
I support taking the program back from BMDO if the dollars are provided," he said.
BMDO, fact sheet 97-18, Navy Area Ballistic Missile Defense Program, July 1997.
Our long-standing relationship with the BMDO is very important to CSC," said Aaron Fuller, vice president and general manager of CSC's Navy/Marine Corps and Missile Defense business unit.
Winter, TRW's lead executive to BMDO, and president and CEO, Reston, Va-based TRW Systems.
TRW's BMC3 products have consistently performed well during each flight test and have earned high marks from both Boeing and BMDO for proven performance," said Dr.
Lockheed Martin is proud to be a member of this team along with the BMDO, Air Force and the GMDS industry team led by Boeing.
Attendees came from 14 states and represented more than 60 organizations including Lockheed Martin, BMDO, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, TRW, and Raytheon.
Bender, Senior Manager of Business Development for Orbital's Launch Systems Group, added, "The Phase IIa contract award caps a four-year, Orbital-led new business initiative to apply non-toxic and non- cryogenic liquid propulsion technologies to BMDO target systems.
EER is an excellent acquisition for L-3 and one that extends our capabilities into several key, growing markets including BMDO support," said Frank C.
With our role in the program, BMDO and Boeing have recognized that Orbital's core competencies of producing cost-effective and highly reliable launch systems could be a major contributor to the success of the program.
Since we began the program in 1999, the joint venture has worked in close partnership with the Air Force and BMDO to define and develop requirements and specifications for SBL-IFX.
Lin also credited the SBIR program and the BMDO, Air Force and NSF for their role in stimulating technology companies.