Becker muscular dystrophy

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a form of muscular dystrophy that sets in in adolescence or adulthood and progresses slowly but will affect all voluntary muscles

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In this scope, Thales will perform the testing and integration activities required for the verification of the NATO BMD architecture.
This partnership gives us the opportunity to integrate our NASA radar technology with Lockheed Martin's leading BMD capabilities," said Peder Pedersen, chief executive officer of Weibel Scientific.
While guidelines advise that women 65 and older be screened, as should younger postmenopausal women with risk factors, in clinical practice this often means that younger postmenopausal women with normal baseline BMD will enter into "autopilot" and undergo testing every 2 years.
Flight Test Standard Missile (FTM)-25 tested the Aegis system's ability to engage a BMD target, as well as, two anti-air warfare targets successfully.
Patients were denied participation if they had distal arm circulation disorder, previous AVF in the contralateral forearm or graft, and extremity paresis with a history of cerebrovascular disease which might cause a difference in BMD between the two hands.
Proven Aegis BMD capability directly supports or will support the three operational imperatives identified in the national maritime strategy, as well as those implicitly or explicitly stated in the national security and military strategies:
Study authors also used x-rays to determine BMD in the lumbar spine and the proximal right femur, as well as a questionnaire to determine levels of physical activity prior to inpatient treatment.
The question of a BMD steady state after SCI remains contentious.
2) Given the well-publicized demand for these assets, Aegis BMD unquestionably is becoming an increasingly important component of BMD planning and operations of the unified commands' combatant commanders.
Gerec ve Yontemler: Calismaya lomber vertebra (L14) (LS) ve femur boyun (FN) duzeyinde BMD (gr/[cm.
BMD is excited to become part of the ConvaTec family and to be able to work even more closely with ConvaTec to continually provide the quality products and services our customers have come to expect, and that the patients who use our products on a daily basis deserve," stated Erich Roht, President and CEO, BMD.
It, therefore, seemed prudent to obtain and use regionally derived BMD reference values.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responded by requiring Depo's manufacturer to conduct post-approval studies on the drug's effect on BMD.
BMD Securities was the consultant to the ISE on the establishment of the ISE Participation Index.