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sandwich filled with slices of bacon and tomato with lettuce

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We stand firmly behind BLT and their vision for the Harbor Landing complex, which provides one of the most unique office settings in all of Stamford, while offering tenants incredible value and competitive rental rates," added Gubner.
Ports can also have a true record of its bollard asset, as BLT experience leads it to believe they do not.
The appeals court said the case proper-on whether the procurement of the LRVs was in violation of the BLT agreement-was now deemed submitted for decision following the submission by the parties of their respective memoranda.
However, DOTC awarded the capacity expansion contract to Dalian last month, despite its prior BLT agreement.
Jim Winship, Director the British Sandwich Association explains: "It is no surprise to see chicken varieties scoring well as they currently account for around 30 percent of sandwich sales in the retail sector, but we did not really expect to see the BLT to take the number one spot.
Garcia and his team have previously shown that PrEP is effective against intravenous, vaginal and rectal transmission of HIV in humanized BLT mice.
Data were available for analysis on 40 people in the BLT group and 44 in the control group.
BLT is fronted by Anton and Decahedron, former child stars who have been taken to the nation's heart, apparently, in the manner of Morecambe and Wise.
THE classic BLT was yesterday named the nation's favourite sandwich.
In early October, BLT submitted a non-binding indication of interest to put forward a voluntary exchange offer for all outstanding shares in Camillo Eitzen.
Desde 2008, la firma es representante para la Argentina de BLT Brilliant, uno de los lideres mundiales en la fabricacion de ascensores de alta gama, producidos en China con tecnologia internacional de punta.
BLT uses its own ships and leased ship from other companies for chartering on time charter.
Forget the toil and trouble of securing a table at BLT Steak, Brix
At the biannual event members of BLT competed against 10 other groups from across the world after spending months fundraising for the trip.
Design Option: The SLT and BLT rotating nut option is a design that allows the drive motor to move with the nut, which results in reduced inertia, less required power, and high linear speeds up to 110 rn/min.