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the bureau in the Department of Justice that assists local criminal justice systems to reduce or prevent crime and violence and drug abuse

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(88) For example, the BJA can (and should) apply the same principles that improve readiness reporting to the Commander's Report of Disciplinary or Administrative Action, DA Form 4833.
The Eternal Dove design won the British Jewellers' Association's (BJA) Diamond Jubilee brooch competition, the object of which was to design a brooch for the Queen to celebrate the Jubilee year.
BJA President pointed out that HRH Princess Sabeeka has spared no effort to make the SCW a well-established institution that produces enlightened thought, through establishing specilised directorates that support Bahraini women in various fields.
In February, Ahdeya was elected the first woman president of BJA since its launch in 2002.
BJA has a number of initiatives in place to help corrections professionals implement the PREA standards in the field.
The code was drawn up by the BJA but includes suggestions made by local journalists who were asked for their feedback earlier this month.
bja is one of the UK's leading independent consultancies offering professional and impartial advice to all users of refrigeration plant and services.
Helle, president, and husband of Janice Helle, said BJA Magnetics is now developing a larger magnet that would work with a 2-megawatt wind turbine now being designed, he said.
In turn, BJA realised it needed to look at improving the way it worked to meet demand.
The May issue of the BJA bulletin, taglined 'An Effective Strategy for Communities Facing Methamphetamines,' provides an overview of the debilitating effects of methamphetamine, the program components of a drug court, examples of successful drug court programs in areas deeply affected by methamphetamine use, treatment and treatment protocols, probation and law enforcement, child protection cases, mental disorders, case studies of community programs, and policy recommendations for implementing a drug court that will target a methamphetamine-using population.
The BJA has had a presence on the net for more than a decade - but its new site provides not only a clean look and easy to use format, but broadens the facilities offered to browsers.
That mixed feeling is the conclusion of a new study by the Belgium-Japan Association and Chamber of Commerce (BJA) in giving the Belgian government some food for thought on how to attract more investment from Japan.
The list of FY 1999 eligible applicants is located on the BJA home page.
Judges, court managers, lawyers, and others interested in improving their trial court's responsiveness and effectiveness can find some useful tools in a new Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) publication.
16 (BNA): President of Bahrain Journalists Association (BJA) Ahdiya Ahmed Al-Sayed affirmed that her election as the first woman to preside BJA is not strange in the Kingdom of Bahrain.