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a material's opposition to the flow of electric current

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(d) The screening panel of the BIA would have ninety days in which a single member must either decide the case or select the case for three-member panel review.
The criteria for using the BIA equation for athletes, were that MMA fighters to be 18 years or older, resting heart rate no greater than 60 bpm and were involved in physical activity of a minimum of 12 hours per week.
"Developing BIA's car park operations and infrastructure also aligns with our strategic objectives to maintain business and performance improvement, and develop our business model with stakeholders," he added.
'The completion of the BIA would further boost tourists' flow to the region wherein Albay is No.
Last year, BIA welcomed the arrival of Azerbaijan Airlines and Georgian Airways in addition to 12 new routes by various airlines operating out of BIA.
So, even if the ineffective assistance occurred as Tay-Chan claims, the protracted period of inactivity after it still supports the BIA's conclusion that Tay-Chan did not show due diligence.
Chen still expressed optimism that a BIA could eventually be concluded, as no member country of the EU had voiced objections, and both sides understood the agreement would be mutually beneficial.
Neste contexto, o objetivo deste estudo foi relacionar as variaveis antropometricas com as de BIA em trabalhadores com diferentes niveis de classificacao da aptidao cardiorrespiratoria.
BIA is a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Years (DP).
Step two of our policy development process is a survey of BIA members based on information gathered from the roundtable discussions.
This study is important as limited literature is available on a comparison of BIA and DXA affirming effect of both obesity and physical activity in Indian population.
According to BIA, local television station revenue will rise to $27.7 billion, from $26.2 billion in 2017.
The flight, Boeing 737 was scheduled to land at the BIA at 7.55 pm but landed at MRIA at 8.24 pm, he said.
The main protagonists of the show are Bia [Aiman Khan] and Shafay [AffanWaheed].
These organizations are calling investors' attention to a series of concerning practices by BIA and the associated legal and reputational risks they incur.