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"We have been overwhelmed by the support in the local community from businesses and individuals and cannot thank Oteac and the engineers enough for their generous contribution to BECS."
Monsignor Manuel Gabriel, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines-Committee on BEC, called on dioceses to hold activities such as symposium on the Holy Trinity and the BEC.
Dozens of BECS teachers from all across the country last month had staged a sit-in at D-Chowk.
There are over 12,000 BECS schools in far flung areas across the country.
The previous government, he said had allocated an amount of Rs 1200 million for various development and operational projects of BECS under Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP), 2018-19 against the demand of Rs 1824 million by the BECS.
Becs' weight problem started at an early age when her nan would turn up on her doorstep with biscuits and cakes.
More coloured-in posters were then handed out in Bingley by Becs and Alfie, who used to live in Marsden before moving to the area, and in Saltaire, where they got more families involved.
She added that the BECS students were not provided with new books since the last three years which was badly affecting their studies.
Following the agreement with Citi, TradingScreen will oversee all multi-broker post-trade analytics for BECS, but will not be responsible for pre-trade cost-estimation services, which will still be delivered by Citi.
One challenge was miniaturizing the jungle of complex equipment usually needed to create a BEC. "These guys fit the equivalent equipment into a 60-by-60 centimeter by 2-meter capsule and sent it down 120 meters and it smashed at the bottom," says physicist Paulo Nussenzveig of the University of Sao Paulo.
Atoms in BECs can join together to form single large waves that travel through the gas.
AN & Becs creator David Coffey says he came up with the idea of creating the video diaries of a posh, unemployed film graduate when he was made redundant - after completing film school.
The structure of vortices and vortex rings in Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) has been a subject of intense interest during the past few years and has been studied experimentally at JILA and theoretically in Gaithersburg.
Islamabad -- Basic Education Community Schools (BECS) teachers on protest finally called off their sit-in after the federal education ministry assured them of addressing their demands in one year, Thursday.
ISLAMABAD -- The protest by Basic Education Community Schools (BECS) teachers was brought up in parliament on Tuesday where the education minister told lawmakers his ministry was taking steps to address the protesters' demand.