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equipment that makes life possible in otherwise deadly environmental conditions

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medical equipment that assists or replaces important bodily functions and so enables a patient to live who otherwise might not survive

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On 19 December when a Japanese air raid on Kuching left 33 dead and 78 wounded, the manager of BCLS, Theodore Charles Martine, was in Singapore on company matters, and had been joined there by his seven-year old daughter Virginia, then on school holidays.
Later that evening a group of the Sarawak Volunteer Force that included Cargill and another BCLS employee, Richard Saville Sagar from Kuching, also arrived at Krokong.
BCLS expatriate personnel in the Third Division: Cobbold, Horn, McKerracher & Miles (12)
At the outbreak of war on 8 December, there were four expatriates employed on work associated with the company's commercial activities and its Rejang Timber Concession (RTC): Peter Charles Victor Cobbold in Sibu, William McKerracher, the manager of the BCLS sawmill at Salim some five kilometers upriver from Sibu, Charles Bennett Horn also at Salim, and Connup Llewellyn Miles at Pelagus some 200 kilometers upriver from Sibu.
BCLS then transferred the plant to its Bidi gold operation in Sarawak and the Bannie operation was abandoned, thus ending this BCLS venture in Dutch Borneo.
8 meter suspension bridge near Kampung Seropak some 80 km south-southeast of Bau was found by a group en route to visiting the BCLS mercuric sulphide mining site at Mt.
Rajah Charles Brooke presented BCLS with its own flag in 1874; the Sarawak flag with a blue border added to distinguish it from the Sarawak government flag (Chater 1957: 98).
Underlining the leading role of BCLS in Sarawak's commercial sector in the late 19th century, BCLS provided secretarial services for the Sarawak Chamber of Commerce.
On a more positive note, an article on BCLS in the Rangoon Daily News in 1878 noted: (7)
BCLS faced serious competition from the Chinese-owned sago mills, such as Ong Ewe Hai & Co.
BCLS, whose steamship Sir James Brooke had taken a decisive role in ousting the miners from Kuching, was (Baring-Gould 1909:243)"
14) At this stage BCLS was not directly involved in gold mining, confining its activities to providing credit to the kongsi, hiring out mining equipment to them, and purchasing their gold for export (Chew 1990:42-3).
City Organization IOLTA BCLS Total Weslaco Texas Rural Legal Aid(a) 1,387,000 886,000 2,273,000 (a) Texas Rural Legal Aid is the primary provider of Legal Aid for the Southwest Texas Service Area, which is composed of 68 counties, including Bexar, Cameron, El Paso, Nueces, Travis and Webb.
City Organization IOLTA BCLS Total Nacogdoches Lone Star Legal Aid(a) 993,000 630,000 1,623,000 Austin Advocacy, Inc.
Fund Account Program IOLTA BCLS CVCLS Headquarters Name Grants Grants Grants Total Funding 3/1/02- 3/1/02- 3/1/02- Period 12/31/02 12/31/02 8/31/03 Weslaco Texas Rural Legal Aid(a) 1,166,677 755,388 1,192,741 3,114,806 Austin Advocacy Inc.