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of the period before the Common Era


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Further to an agreement dated December 24, 2014, BCE will later today divest 50% of its ownership interest in GLENTEL to Rogers Communications Inc.
The BCE team, combined with the firm's Advisory board and strategic relationship with Ara Partners Group LLC, provides operators access to expertise, capital, and trusted partnership.
"We definitely have a selection to fit many tastes," said BCE Media Inc.
BCE will produce a six-hour live production out of Cercle Cite in Luxembourg City and provide all the playout services from its media centre in RTL City, for HD distribution over satellite as well as IP networks.
Speaking about the acquisition, Frederic Lemaire, Chief Executive Officer of BCE, said : "At BCE we have already developed advanced online video solutions for the market.
In December 2017 BCE and AECR members signed an agreement to create a cooperative institutional protection mechanism (MIP).
The second studio, or the news studio, also utilises a grid construction and contains three sets for live shows, while the TV or virtual studio is the third studio at the new BCE headquarters.
The remaining Series AK Preferred Shares will continue to be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol BCE.PR.K.
Il faut rappeler que Nid Tounes a decide de presenter BCE comme candidat du parti aux prochaines presidentielles , et que l'ANC a opte , dans la Constitution , pour la levee de la limite d'age des candidats a la presidence de la Republique qui etait fixee a 75 ans , ce qui a ete compris comme un feu vert a la candidature de BCE aux presidentielles .
The workshop addressed the outputs of the participating teams' projects with respect to the culture of communication with the citizens, and reviewed successful experiences that have achieved the BCE's goals in building best practices within the BCE and transfer them to other institutions to contribute to the continuity of institutional excellence.
While Mesopotomia addresses numerous benchmarks of the society's social and technological developments, including the Agricultural Revolution and the development of village economies, its main focus is on the emergence of cities and states in ancient Sumer (4000-2000 BCE), the Assyrian World Empire (1000-600 BCE), and the rise and fall of Babylon (600-540 BCE).
Apres l'annonce par la Presidence de la Republique, jeudi soir, de la nomination de Hecham Ramez, gouverneur de la Banque centrale egyptienne (BCE).
Tracing the earliest recorded concepts of international law; the ancient Near East (2500-330 BCE).
MANAMA: As part of its commitment to strengthening its strategy and enhancing its performance to better serve the public, Tamkeen's senior management took part in a series of three daily workshops held by the Bahrain Centre for Excellence (BCE) which concluded yesterday.