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a computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest

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Bulletin board software makes the modem work and runs the BBS.
The best way to select BBS software is to talk to other people who run bulletin boards in the area.
Also, through networking with her BBS customers, Vaughan has found freelance work transcribing audio tapes.
If you already have a computer, you could get a BBS up and running for as little as $600.
BBS selected Sterling Multi-Enterprise Finance Gateway to provide a single gateway to consolidate payment channels of card and domestic payments, which were previously processed by diverse, overlapping hardware and software solutions.
By consolidating payment flows into a single process and by migrating to a new, clustered UNIX environment, BBS has achieved increased visibility and scalability that helps it offer competitive transaction costs and maintain BBS's leadership position among European payment service providers.
BBS is Norway's market leading provider of secure payment services to banks, companies and private individuals.
After you've purchased the essential hardware, it's time to shop for BBS software.