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an air gun in which BBs are propelled by compressed air

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But there was no suggestion the victim of the BB gun assault had been involved.
McBee was arrested at the North Congress Street residence and his air-powered BB gun was confiscated by Athens police.
Police said they recovered a BB gun during their preliminary investigation, but the suspect remained at large late Wednesday afternoon.
She said: "We went to hospital and the doctor confirmed I had been shot by a BB gun.
After officers entered the branch for a second time, they safely secured Collins and determined he was brandishing a BB gun.
He said: "Following further enquiries a BB gun was located, which was subsequently handed to officers.
It looks striking today, but in 1914 bright nickel was a common finish for a BB gun.
He saw a group of boys, including one with a BB gun, then heard a crack as one of the pellets hit his car.
The boy had a BB gun on him, and without appearing to consider the consequences, he withdrew it in front of the officers, causing both policemen to draw their own weapons.
A Northumbria Police spokesperson said: "We can confirm police were called to Washington Highway, on the east side of Lambton Interchange on Wednesday, April 20, after a member of the public found a BB gun in some bushes.
The court heard that he went into a takeaway on Old School Road in Porthcawl and pulled a BB gun on a teenager who bumped into him.
Maybe it's my age and the associated repulsion towards recoil, but I've found myself looking at BB gun articles with more of an open mind.
Ban the sale of BB gun toys as they can wreck a child's life - for life.
To appreciate the BB gun, you have to appreciate the firearm first.
WORCESTER -- Bail was set Thursday for two men charged with shooting three people with a BB gun Wednesday from the window of a Chandler Street apartment building.