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an air gun in which BBs are propelled by compressed air

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If we receive a call people very often can't distinguish BB guns or air rifles from firearms and on those occasions an armed response team is sent out as a precaution," he said.
A school spokeswoman said: "A pupil was found to be carrying a plastic BB gun in his checked hold baggage during a recent trip to Iceland.
Saturday's incident is the latest in a series involving BB guns and other air weapons in the region over the last few years.
Other students on the bus overheard the boy talking about the BB gun with a friend, and several told an adult when they arrived at school at 770 Calvin Road.
Although Daisy had been making the Red Ryder BB Gun since 1940, the version used in the film never existed as a Daisy production model.
The possession and sale of imitation weapons such as BB gun laws should be the subject of a Westminister debate, says Cardiff MP Jo Stevens
If you are not a member of a soft-air |club, but still over 18 years old, you can only purchase a non-realistic BB gun, which will be manufactured in an obscure colour (pink, yellow, etc).
The V350 is a spring-piston BB gun that is cocked by pushing the barrel straight back into the receiver.
Police also remind people that a BB gun is considered to be an imitation firearm.
AN armed robber made owith cash after threatening staat a pharmacy with a BB gun.
WORCESTER -- Bail was set Thursday for two men charged with shooting three people with a BB gun Wednesday from the window of a Chandler Street apartment building.
One of the men held a loaded BB gun to her head as they stole her purse.
Our very own BB gun, ordered online, without my permission, by my 14-year-old son, no questions asked, despite there being an over-18 age rule.
Most of us old-timers can remember when a beginner's BB gun was accurate out to many yards and could put a BB through a soup can.
A MAN whose arrest sparked huge Metro delays has been cautioned for carrying a BB gun.