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"This is an important long-term investment by BAIE which is now in pole position to win more of this work while the potential for future growth is significant as the rate of orders for the A380 increases annually."
Hy merk tereg op dat Afrika se fenomenale ekonomiese groei die laaste dekade, danksy die uitvoer van grondstowwe, tot 'n hernude uitbreek van konflik op baie plekke gelei het.
Rebbeka, aan die ander kant, verduidelik dat sy so baie dinge by Clementina geleer het, wat mens nie by UNAM of tydens opleiding leer nie.
Die boeke is albei vlot en onderhoudend geskryf, met 'n baie goeie begrip vir die leserspubliek waarmee hulle werk en met veral deeglike begrip en insig in die genres waarin hulle skryf.
Two sites located in bays near Noumea (New Caledonia) were selected for spat collection, Nouville 1 and Baie des Citrons1.
Baie Verte Peninsula Economic Development Association.
International Inc., Baie d'Urfe, Quebec, Canada; Allen is principal scientist, Paprican, Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada; Hamel is engineer, Paprican, Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada; and Sithole is scientist, Paprican, Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada.
Venez les amis, descendez le long de la riviere Kebsquasheshing, ou vous trouverez, dans ce vaste pays du Nord, da le territoire de La Baie d'Hudson, un endroit ou le castor et le pin abondent; ou le huard lance son cri plaintif; ou l'orignal regne en tant que roi de la foret, et ou l'on retrouve les gens les plus gentils de la region: Chapleau!
Millenium of the United States is set to invest about 230 million French Francs (Euro 35 million) in its Le Havre-based pigments plant so as to stop iron sulphate waste from the factory being released into the Baie de Seine, the company reported on 26 February.
The Tax Court first used the focal point test in 1980 in Baie.(12) Baie operated a small foodstand near her residence.
ROSS O'SULLIVAN is hoping Baie Des Iles will be his first runner in the Randox Health Grand National at Aintree Racecourse.
ROSS O'SULLIVAN is targeting Baie Des Iles to be his first runner in the Randox Health Grand National at Aintree on April 14.
Walsh will be on board the mud-loving Baie Des Iles, who might appreciate further but will certainly relish the deep underfoot conditions.