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Another key issue that is driving KM systems and B2E portals is the virtual workforce and the decentralized nature of most organizations.
B2E portals are a key enabling technology for enhancing the KM interface, while at the same time aggregating appropriate applications, content and information into a single, easy to use graphical user environment.
These systems are complex and can include a variety of enabling technologies including B2E portals, collaborative environments, structured databases, instant messaging, sophisticated search algorithms for finding and profiling experts and thought leaders and threaded discussion groups.
In the early stages of the portal market many pure-play portals vendors found them selves competing not against each other but against in-house IT departments Many H' professionals leveraged their infrastructure s built-in Internet technologies, aggregating disparate intranets and ubiquitous URLs to create (in a sense) an intranet on steroids the business-to-employee (B2E) portal Some organizations have rapidly evolved to sup port cascading B2E portals by business unit or department, and have quickly leveraged that success into business-to-business business-to-customer and business to-supplier portals.
Many of these organizations had deployed B2E portals without an integrated information management (DM/RM/KM) system, and they don't deliver a clear ROI and business value outside of consolidating HR information and multiple disparate intranets.