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commerce conducted electronically (as on the internet)

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B2B e-commerce is rapidly changing the business pattern worldwide and helping many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as large firms in their businesses.
The Group has established jqwmall.com as a B2B e-commerce platform in English to allow certain of the JQW's premier members and other new quality local suppliers to consider expanding their sales internationally.
"As the natural support of B2B e-commerce services, fairs have always receiving high attention from Busytrade.com.
London-based Tesco Plc was last month named one of the winners of GXS' 2007 Global Customer Awards, for "Best Use of GXS Trading Grid to Increase B2B e-Commerce Automation."
GXS, a provider of B2B e-commerce solutions, has released Accounting Package Accelerators (APA), which it says is the first out-of-the-box service that enables small to medium-sized businesses to easily integrate e-commerce transactions with popular accounting software packages.
(Boston, MA) has closed "CFO IT," a quarterly distributed to 450,000 corporate financial executives, while B2B E-Commerce International (Los Angeles, CA), a unit of Line56 Media, has closed "Portals," a bimonthly that offered information and news on e-commerce and enterprise technologies.
The basis for B2B e-commerce is well established, one of the most well known applications being electronic data interchange (EDI) which has been around for many years, but as the internet has evolved into a critical business tool, the number of B2B offered solutions has rapidly increased.
B2B e-commerce accounts for the majority of e-commerce sales and has grown faster than non-e-commerce B2B sales.
Ironside Technologies Inc, a B2B e-commerce solutions provider, has announced the immediate availability of its Ironside Quick Start order management solution.
The report, by Boston-based analysts Aberdeen Group, is a piece of positive news for the business-to-business or B2B e-commerce sector.
Manufacturers have adopted B2B e-commerce at a higher rate than any other user sectors, but set the most aggressive expectations for a return on their investments, according to a global survey commissioned by e-commerce software provider Izodia (formerly Infobank).
Getting value for money and ensuring open integration are the biggest barriers to adoption of B2B e-Commerce for companies in the Finance Sector, according to global market research commissioned by Izodia .The Finance sector is not as mature in terms of adoption compared to the Manufacturing sector, however, sixty two per cent of Finance companies interviewed have already implemented or are in the process of implementing a B2B e-Commerce solution.
Scarry also co-authored a paper on a catalyst model for B2B e-commerce in the foundry industry (01-153).