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a different aspect of something (especially the opposite aspect)

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Continue reading "For 'The B-Side,' Errol Morris Turns His Lens to Polaroid Photographer Elsa Dorfman" at.
Combining music, dance, rap, DJing, live performance and culminating in a live finale taking place on one of the largest stages in the country, B-Side may be global in its outlook and ambitions but - at its heart - beats a talented core of Birmingham-based artists and producers who have helped cement and grow the city's reputation as a UK leader in all things hip-hop.
In 2010, B-side was born and it provided the constant venue for what is then called Dubplate Manila and renamed it Irie Sunday.
It will be the first time the B-side has appeared on vinyl.
Emma Gray, director of Marketing Services, explains: "e city's musical light has sometimes been hidden under a bushel and, like the B-side of a single, is something of an undiscovered gem.
Tenders are invited for 41052P-Crowdsourced Multimedia Management System 1 Commodity Code: 915-51-00-0000000 Crowdsourced Multimedia Management System To Include Hosting/Maintenance/Training (per Attached Sow)One Year (year 1) Unless Specified Elsewhere Ship To : Sh0294 Technical Operations Detail 9900 Norwalk Blvd Ca Suite 150 B-Side 90670 Santa Fe Springs, Ca 90670 Technical Operations Detaildeliver To Suite 150 B Side Of Builidng To Sgt.
The B-side, another song written by Decca songwriters was titled 'Hey Senorita'.
has been granted a patent for a process for coating a metallic surface of an aircraft comprised of applying a composition that polymerizes to form a polyurea wherein the polyurea is formed from an A-side and a B-side, where the weight percents of components for the A-side are: 30%-65% of polyisocyanate; from 15%-70% a polytetramethylene ether glycol; diluent, 0%-20%; where the weight percents of components for the B-side are: from 35%-405 of one or more diamines; from 205-70% of one or more amine terminated polyether polyols, and wherein the polyurea has a tensile strength of more than 3500 psi and at least 700% elongation.
We need to go through a series of steps with the B-side, such as informing the computer about the state of the rover -- the position of the arm, the position of the mast, that kind of information," Cook said.
The B-side computer was checked out during the cruise from Earth to Mars while the A-side computer has been running operations since before landing last August.
The song will be released as a free download on March 9 along with the B-side, Wasted Time.
Nancy Tesmer, owner of the B-Side breakfast restaurant as well as Asian restaurant Lilly's Dim Sum, Then Sum, both of Little Rock, said a USAToday photogra-pher popped in at B-Side last Wednesday.
In the music industry, the B-side is the filler, the side that exists to fill out the A-side, make it whole.
The B-side had a track that didn't make the album, or an instrumental version of the song, or something experimental.